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5 Curious Disney Facts That Could Now Ruin Your Entire Childhood

It is a fact that most of us like Disney movies. since in In 1937 he released his first film called Snow White and the 7 Dwarfsthe dream factory has not stopped growing until it has become one of the most powerful film production companies on the current scene.

their productions, They are mainly directed towards children.That is why finding strange details in his films is more disturbing than one might think, and in this sense, social networks are experts.

Disturbing details discovered about Disney

1- The attraction of Pirates of the Caribbean


To give more realism to the attraction that inspired the film, a real skull was used Donated by the University of California. The park claims it changed the décor after learning that some tourists didn’t like the ghoulish detail, though others doubt this.

2- Aladdin and his kiss to Jasmine

Walt Disney pictures

Yes, as we can see, Jasmín doesn’t cut a hair when it comes to give Aladdin his first kiss and it seems that there is even language.

3- The Ravens of Dumbo

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Walt Disney Pictures

The scene with the crows helping Dumbo has always been criticized for showing a image too stereotyped at that time of black people.

4- The Lion King and the accusation of plagiarism

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There are many who continue to accuse the Lion King being a plagiarism of the TV series Kimba, whose characters and story are very similar to the acclaimed Disney movie. The creators flatly denied it, although one of the cartoonists admitted that many of his classmates had grown up with Kimba and that they may be paying him a small tribute.

5- Snow White and Adriana Caselotti


This actress was in charge of lending the voice to the character of Snow White, and after the tape, barely managed to find another job againsince among other things the actress was very obsessed with the princess.

So much so that 40 years later on his answering machine you could still hear “he called Adriana Caselotti’s residence, the voice of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by Walt Disney” and then the song “Wish” was heard. Even He had a wishing well in the garden. She barely charged 900 dollars for the role and it is said that the producer forced her to give up roles that would distance her from the image of a princess that she had of her.

What do you think of these facts about Disney? Which do you find most surprising?

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Cover Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures – Wikipedia

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