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5 Christmas decorations that give good luck and serve as charms

Did you know that Christmas decorations, in addition to offering a happy atmosphere at home, can also attract good luck? The Christmas tree, the advent wreath, the Nativity scene or manger, the little angels and the candles can serve as your most precious charms to attract good luck on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

For this reason, each time you place them or look at them at home, make a positive thought because through them the universe can give you the positive energy to have a prosperous 2023 full of love, health and abundance.

For most people, these Christmas charms do not identify them as such, they assume that they are just decorations and have no other purpose than to decorate the home. However, knowing its spiritual meaning can help you understand its vibe and channel it for good.

Then, We tell you why these 5 Christmas decorations are good luck.

1. Christmas tree

The first Christmas is the most popular tradition at this time of year. Its origin precedes the birth of Jesus, in fact, before it was considered a pagan rite because it was dedicated to other deities.

However, over the years it became in sync with Catholic beliefs and now has spiritual symbolism such as unity, joy, abundance, divine gifts, the light of Jesus’ birth, and the star of Bethlehem.

And it is precisely his link with the divine that is a powerful amulet to attract love and prosperity home.

2. Advent or Christmas wreath

The Christmas wreath that we usually hang on the door or put on a table is a tradition that has a special symbolism. It means the eternal love of God, the immortality of his divinity and his divine light.

Its circular shape is also a symbol of protection, as explained by WeMystic.com, which is why it is an amulet that keeps away the bad vibes that can enter the home, especially on these special dates.

3. Nativity or manger

One of the most popular Christian traditions, like the tree, is to set up a nativity scene or manger with figurines that represent the birth of Jesus, before the warm gaze of the angels Mary and Joseph, as well as the 3 Wise Men and some animals. who were at that moment in the manger.

All these figures represent one of the most powerful amulets: understanding and family love, peace, harmony, goodwill, giving without receiving and hope for a prosperous future.

4. Christmas angels

Angels are the messengers of God on Earth and represent the link or divine connection of the human being with heaven. Thus, when we color them in the decoration, they help us to have a harmonious environment and promote peace in the home.

5. Christmas candles

The candles that we place as decoration and to perfume the house with Christmas aromas also serve as good luck charms. The most common colors, such as red, green, white, gold and silver, typical of the time, help us attract passion and love, prosperity, peace or purity, money and gifts, respectively.

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