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5 Books to learn how to create sources of income in dollars

Are you looking for ideas to create income in dollars or do you want to create extra income in hard currencies?

The good news is that, thanks to globalization and powerful tools like the Internet, you can access the best knowledge and strategies to create new sources.

Surely that idea that you have to create extra income, that you don’t know if it can work, someone else has already implemented it and knows the most efficient route to make it profitable.

This is what these are about books to create new sources of income; of valuable and collected information for you to implement and start monetizing in strong currencies.

So pay attention to these five books so you can buy them today and learn how to generate income in dollars, or any other currency.

1. 100 Passive income in dollars

Today it is necessary (almost mandatory) to learn how to generate income in dollars.

Due to inflation and the devaluation of our currencies, it is essential create new sources of income, and much better if they are in strong currencies, such as the dollar.

This is what it’s all about digital book 100 Passive Income in Dollarsa compilation of profitable ideas to create income in dollars from home and without the need to speak English.

With this ebook, you will not only access the best ideas to earn money in dollars, but we will share passive income ideas, tools and guides to increase your income constantly over time.

Link: access the book

2. Rich Mind

With Rica Mente you will learn that money is a result of the type of thoughts, decisions and actions you take every day.

Do you want to increase your income? With this rich mind ebook You will understand what are the patterns that prevent you from achieving that increase and what you can do to change this formula and obtain the results you expect.

This objective of increasing your income, and improving your personal finances today, It is compiled in 50 effective tips to implement today.

And, as a complement, you will access additional books, summaries of other recognized finance books, templates and digital tools to implement your knowledge.

Link: access the book

3. A property a year does not hurt

One of the most effective ways to achieve financial freedom is investing in real estate.

The point is that, to invest in real estate or properties, it does not depend only on the amount of money you have in your pocket, but on the strategies and methodology to choose where to buy and where not to.

With this book, its author Carlos Devis He explains how he makes real estate investment decisions, how he invests his money, what he asks, what he reviews and what he doesn’t tolerate.

This book is an excellent guide to get started in the world of real estate.

Link: access the book

4. The new living of trading

If you want to learn how to invest in the US stock market, or any other market in the world, this classic by Alexander Elder is a must read.

We cannot deny that in the stock market there are many “experts” who are more concerned with selling you than teaching you.

Unlike the vast majority, the author of this book explains step by step how the market works, shares strategies to make a good technical analysis of the market, and how to make decisions methodically.

Without a doubt, this is a book with a lot of valuable, practical and updated information for all those people interested in becoming traders and generating income in dollars.

Link: access the book

5. The nuclear effect

This book written by Scott Oldford He talks about how to create an online business capable of billing up to 7 figures per year.

The concepts that he shares in this book are of great value because he explains what are the pillars that make large profitable businesses build on the Internet.

Regardless of whether you are starting an Internet business or not, what you will learn in this book will help you increase your income and spark interest in creating your first online dollar income.

Link: access the book

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Books to create hard currency income:

As you can see, these books have different approaches to creating new sources of income in dollars, or other hard currencies.

The most important thing is that you make the decision and implement the ideas that most appeal to you. It’s useless to read these books, if you don’t take action.

So pick the one that caught your eye the most, take an idea from this book, review it, and implement it into your routine. You will surely have a lot to gain.

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