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5 best supermarket eyeliners not to be missed

Is the black risk part of the beauty routine out there? This article really comes in handy. We show you the best supermarket eyeliners.

Did you know that the main feature for an eyeliner to be good is pigmentation? Yes, it will allow you to make the line accurately in a single pass, regardless of whether you like it thinner or thicker. For that reason, and because being beautiful is not synonymous with spending loads of money, we’ve put together the 5 best supermarket eyeliners.

So, whether you’re an expert at doing the cat eye, or you just use the eyeliner to make the black line next to the eyelashes, in the supermarket you’ll find the ideal product for you.

After all, eyeliner is really one of the make-up products most used by women, all over the world. And it’s easy to see why.

We all deserve to feel beautiful, even when we’re on a tight budget. Ready to rock your eyeliner new?

The 5 best eyeliners to buy at the supermarket


Eyeliner Tattoo Liner Liquid Ink Black 710

Maybelline has launched this eyeliner that guarantees maximum precision, even for those who aren’t very good at eyeliner.

It allows you to make a thick line as well as a thin line and, as it is very pigmented, in a single pass it achieves a wonderful result.

For those who are not very good

If you’re not very good with eyeliner, bet on this one.
In addition to making the task of drawing super easy, it dries very quickly.



Calligraph Ultra Slim Eyeliner Pen, Catrice

With an ultra-fine, waterproof tip, this eyeliner pen from Catrice is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a cheap, quality eyeliner.

In other words, not even the fact of having a tight budget is an excuse for not creating a wonderful make-up with eyeliner.

After all, this is one of the best supermarket eyeliners, and it costs less than 5 euros.

eyeliner catrice

For those on a tight budget

This is the ideal choice for everyone who loves eyeliner but can’t afford to spend a lot.



L’Oréal Super Liner Ultra Precision

When it comes to supermarket eyeliners, L’Oréal’s rarely disappoint. And this Ultra Precision Super Liner is no exception. With perfect pigmentation and super easy to use, it’s really one of the best you can find in the supermarket.

And even if you’re not very good at making eyeliner, you’ll be able to use it, since it has a thin tip. Which, you know, makes everything easier.

eyliner loreal superliner

For those who like fine point

If you like eyeliners with a finer tip, this one from L’Oréal is really worth trying.

The good part is that it’s wonderful, affordable and lasts a long time.



Maybelline Lasting Drama

If you prefer gel eyeliners, you will like this Maybelline Lasting Drama. With a great texture, it’s easy to work with, especially for those who don’t have great precision in tracing.

And the best part: it clings to the lid and doesn’t come off. That is, it is really a good buy for those who like a marked line.

eyeliner lasting drama 24 hours

For those who like well-marked eyeliner

This eyeliner promises 24 hours without leaving your eyes. In that sense, it is an excellent bet for those who do not like to touch up make-up.



Rimmel Eyeliner Glame Eyes

For those who have more experience with make-up, and a knack for drawing lines, preferring, therefore, a liquid eyeliner, this one from Rimmel is a good option. It’s not very expensive and it works like Chinese ink, so you can draw whatever line you want, as thick as you want.

In addition to the excellent pigmentation, it also lasts a long time without cracking or breaking. Everything you want, right?

rimmel eyeliner

For those with eyeliner experience

If you are already used to using eyeliner, this one from Rimmel is for you.

In addition to allowing you to create the perfect line, it is highly pigmented, and does not come off for nothing (only with make-up remover).


perfect cat eye the easy way

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How to do the perfect cat eye in less than 10 minutes

Now that you know which are the best eyeliners that you can buy in the supermarket, see below how to do the eyeliner, so that it looks perfect and lasts all day.

Although it seems difficult at first glance, it really is a matter of training. So, follow the step by step and you’ll see how with trial and error, you’ll be able to create incredible makeup with eyeliner.

How to make a perfect outline with eyeliner

In this tutorial, the Portuguese youtuber helena Coelho, teaches you how to make a perfect eyeliner. So if she used to blame cheap eyeliner for not coming out well, let go of it and learn how to do it perfectly.

Ready to rock without breaking the bank?

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