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5 best hand creams to use all year round

Did you know that hand creams are best friends for hydrated and healthy skin? We’ve rounded up the best, for year-round use.

You dermatologists consider it fundamental to use hand creams at least once a day, ideally before going to bed, throughout the year. So, if you tend to neglect moisturizing your hands, it’s time to change your habits.

Yes, it’s really true. Along with what happens with body and facial hydration, hands also need specific hydration care, to remain beautiful, healthy and without cracks.

And at a time when we wash and disinfect our hands even more, it is essential to keep them hydrated, in order to prevent them from becoming too dry or even “cracked”.

Indeed, the function of creams is to hydrate and repair damage caused by external agents, such as pollution, and to protect the skin in that region. Including, of course, sun damage (even during winter, UV rays penetrate the skin).

In this sense, it is very important that you make hand cream your best friend throughout the year. We’ve rounded up the best of them for some fairy hands. And dehydration proof.

Take advantage of this time at home to get into the habit, applying it several times a day.

5 hand creams you’ll want to try

DermaProtect Repairing Hand Cream

With a concentrate of moisturizing, nourishing and repairing ingredients, such as Macadamia oil, it nourishes the skin in depth, repairing cracks and putting an end to extreme dryness.

It also protects your hands from the cold and the sun, leaving your skin smooth, nourished and healthy.


Nuxe hand cream packaging

Rêve de Miel, Hand and Nail Cream

With ingredients such as honey, sunflower, precious oils and vitamin E, this cream, in addition to repairing and nourishing the skin in depth, also has an antioxidant and regenerating action. That, combined with the wonderful aroma, makes it one of the favorite hand creams of anonymous and famous people.


Nivea hand cream packaging

Honey Protective Hand Cream

Nivea is a specialist brand in hydration. Therefore, it is not surprising that Nivea hand creams, with honey, are among the best sellers.

With a moisturizing and repairing action, it promises smooth, crack-free hands. And the best part is that you can buy it at any online super or hypermarket.


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Neutrogena hand cream packaging

Soothing Fragrance Free Hand Cream

For sensitive, dry and intolerant skin, Neutrogena has developed this fragrance-free hand cream.

With a Norwegian formula, it has emollient agents and glycerin in the composition, hydrating the skin in depth.


Atrix hand cream packaging

Intensive Hand Cream

With chamomile in its composition, in addition to softening and hydrating the skin of the hands in depth, repairing cracks, roughness and dryness lines, this cream has a very affordable price.

The hands are soft, hydrated and with a unique feeling of comfort. All without blowing the budget.


Hand care: good practices to consider

In addition to hand creams that you can and should apply every day of the year, there are other measures that you can put into practice to always have soft and hydrated hands, such as:

  • wear gloves to prevent cleaning products such as detergents, disinfectants, chlorine or washing powder cause damage to the skin. In addition to triggering an allergic process, the permanent use of these substances can cause dermatitis and even injuries to the hands;
  • Also wear gloves when using hair chemical products as is the case with paints and smoothing;
  • sporadically exfoliate your hands?? This process helps eliminate dead cells and allows for better absorption of the moisturizing cream;
  • During the day, prefer a hand cream that has solar protection factoror apply sunscreen after your usual cream, to avoid getting spots on the skin of your hands.

As you can see, there are hand creams for all tastes and needs. So pick your favorite, use it all year round, and keep your hands hydrated, beautiful, and healthy.

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