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5 benefits for which Saxenda helps you lose weight

saxenda has now become an effective pharmacological option for those who wish to lose weight.

saxenda is an injectable drug that, by controlling satiety levels and slowing gastric emptying, helps weight loss and the change towards healthier eating habits. What? We explain it to you below:

1.- Reduces leptin resistance

The leptin It is a protein produced by the fat cells of our body. Its function is to regulate appetite, which is why it is known as “the hunger hormone”. Different studies have shown that liraglutide (saxenda) helps reduce leptin resistance (change the body’s biochemistry that favors weightloss) and lower leptin levels (meaning it helps you maintain the weight you’re losing).

2.-Reduces appetite

saxenda it slows down gastrointestinal motility, which means that the gastric content is emptied more slowly, thus favoring the feeling of satiety and loss of appetite.

3.-Saxenda increases metabolism

It favors the increase of the basal metabolic rate. The basal metabolic rate is responsible for most of the calories we burn and for us to maintain weight loss. saxenda it helps improve our metabolism, probably through its effects on leptin levels. This means that, with saxendaour body is constantly trying to match the number of calories it burns with the number of calories it consumes.

4.- Helps reduce insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is the main cause of type II diabetes mellitus. Insulin is a very important hormone for weight loss. When insulin levels are high (insulin resistance), it is almost impossible for our body to burn fat. saxenda it helps sensitize the body to insulin levels and helps lower blood glucose levels in the process. Additionally, the positive effects of lowering insulin also significantly help improve other hormones in the body involved in weight loss.

5.- Saxenda reduces the release of glucagon

Glucagon, although less well known than insulin or leptin, is another important hormone for weight loss and for regulating glucose levels in the body.

Our body, in order to burn fat, must first deplete the liver’s glycogen reserves and have low insulin levels. saxenda helps reduce glucagon levels while reducing insulin resistance. Both of these changes promote more normal blood glucose levels and help adipose tissue burn fat.

as we see saxenda is a drug that can effectively help lose weight, acting on various hormones (leptin, insulin and glucagon) so that they return to normal balance, thus promoting weight loss.

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