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5 absurd curiosities of the rich for which they never had time to get bored

We all know that being rich has undeniable advantages, but you may have thought that it can be a bit boring, especially in the past.

Not at all, the historical record shows us that they came up with really absurd ways to pass the time. Do you want to meet them?

5 Ways the Rich Amused One Hundred Years Ago

1- Hiring an old person as a magician to live in his garden

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Yes, just as you hear it. They did not know what to do with their fortune and they hired “hermits” who roamed their lands and they were filled with wisdom to anyone who walked by. But what exactly was his role and responsibility? Sitting and looking mysteriously.

To ensure that no wild animals would attack them, they would build them a place to live, from a hut or a mound of earth to a set of false ancient ruins.

The best in their profession managed to attract visitors from far away, thus bringing money and prestige to the property. Luckily, the trend didn’t last long.

2- They could be the envy of their friends if they had their own pineapple

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It seems that status symbols have not changed much over time: haute couture fashion, big houses, high-end vehicles,… However, in the past there were foods like the pineapple that were a symbol of wealth.

For the European upper class of the 18th century, the pineapple represented the true essence of wealth. This fruit, which until now was only found in South America, began to be cultivated in English and Dutch greenhouses. But even so, they were still scarce.

But they didn’t just settle for the fruit, they began to use it as a symbol for everythingfrom tablecloths or tapestries to covering the mansions in wood and stone carvings of pineapples.

3- They increased the desire to “get” into bed by inserting radioactive material

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Sexual impotence is not something current, it has existed since ancient times. To do this, the rich had a technique known as “radio suppository interference.” A product called the “Scrotal Radiendocrinator” was released in the 1930s, promising users that they could jump-start their genitals by putting on a radium suppository before going to bed.

We cannot fully guarantee the efficiency of this product, but it is worth noting that its inventor died of bladder cancer.

After this, they started putting radium in a ton of health products, including water coolers and energy drinks like RadiThor. However, since radium is expensive, only the wealthiest members of society could afford itand thanks to that there were not too many misfortunes that occurred.

4- They could steal old European buildings brick by brick


It does not seem strange that the rich liked to travel to distant countries and take from them what they wanted. What is curious, however, is what they took with them: 20th century American magnates used to Steal old buildings and sent them back hometo be assembled brick by brick.

Between 1914 and 1934, an estimated 20 medieval buildings fell on the back of a truck in Europe and were rebuilt in the United States.

5- Chilling masks to avoid tanning

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In the 16th century, being tanned was synonymous with being a commoner, so they would rather look like criminals than catch a sunbeam. Therefore, the ladies of the upper class used masks made of velvet, silk, and layers of pressed paper.

Inside the mask was a glass bead dangling from a short thread. To secure it and prevent it from falling, the user had to hold the bill between his teeth. Although only a few masks have survived to this day, they were popular enough that children’s dolls of the time were supplemented with miniature masks of this type.

Did you know these curious activities of the rich of the last century? What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

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