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4Chan Plus for Google Chrome, improves the usability of 4Chan

4chan, love it, hate it or be indifferent. The web forum is one of the most controversial websites on the internet right now due to its (almost) anything goes policy.

On the other hand, the website itself feels dated, especially the way the threads and forums are displayed to the user. Problems users may experience include a lack of distinction between different threads on category pages, a color scheme that isn’t to everyone’s liking, or embedded images that sometimes don’t look very good.


4chan more

4Chan Plus is a Google Chrome extension that adds many features and options to the 4chan website that improve the usability of the website. All the functions of the extension are optional, which means that users can make use of them, but it is not necessary. It’s choosing the ones you like and leaving the ones you don’t need or don’t like for the disabled.

Let’s take a closer look at the features:

  • Hover over images: Take the entire image and display it with the mouse directly on the same page without loading another. Option to preload images on demand or always. Option to replace thumbnails with large versions automatically.
  • Expandable Images – Open images in a new tab by double-clicking. Option to define the size of that image (original, fit screen, custom size)
  • Post Preview: Shows the posts that are referenced on hover.
  • Shows the number of unread posts in the title bar.
  • Automatic search for new posts: set to every 3 seconds by default, can be changed to every second or every 10 seconds. Auto scroll when new posts appear, quick response scroll box with auto scroll.
  • Quick answer: activate the board pages and within the threads, remove the original box.
  • Backlinking: to return quickly.
  • Smartbar: Displays information and options at the bottom of the screen, for example, to preload or expand images, view the number of responses, bookmark, or reply.
  • Content Features: Play YouTube videos directly on 4chan, make links clickable, and restore images to original filenames.

All settings are optional and it is up to you to keep everything that is enabled by default enabled or disable specific features from being used.

Some can be problematic. Automatic thread refresh, for example, refreshes the thread every 10 seconds by default, which may be too fast depending on the thread you’re looking at.

4chan extension

The Chrome extension makes life 4chan much easier, especially for regular customers who actively use the site. Add image preview options, you can embed YouTube videos and Soundcloud sound files on the page, or preload content for faster access.

Chrome users can install the 4Chan Plus extension directly from the official Google Chrome extension gallery.

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