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40th birthday themed party: theme ideas

Many people feel their age taking its toll when they turn 40. Youth is left behind and maturity begins to impose itself as a reality that is not always so pleasant. After 40, it is common to value family more, have a consolidated career and find calmer ways to have fun.

Celebrating 40 years of age should happen in style. (Photo: Disclosure)

Those who turn 40 go through many changes in life. Age is perfect for reflecting on experiences and also ideal for thinking about new plans. One way of celebrating the four decades lived is by promoting a unforgettable birthday party🇧🇷

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What this article covers:

How to organize a birthday party?

Las Vegas themed party.  (Photo: Disclosure)

Las Vegas themed party. (Photo: Disclosure)

The birthday person can hire a company specialized in organizing events or take care of from the list of preparations on its own. One of the first decisions that need to be made for the party is the theme choice🇧🇷

The theme should value some birthday boy’s preference and be budget compatible. It will be essential to define the main colors, invitations, ornaments, cake finishing, menu, animation, among other elements.

40th birthday themed party ideas

Check out a selection of 40th birthday party themes🇧🇷

– Bar: the party is lively and relaxed. Its decoration simulates a bar atmosphere;

– Las Vegas: the visual of the event is mainly inspired by casinos;

– Mama Mia: the cuisine and culture of Italy serve as a reference for the event;

– Jack Daniels: for whiskey connoisseurs, a party with this theme promises to be a success;

– The 80s: a party with this theme is a great option for the birthday boy to remember his youth;

– Beatles: a much loved theme among fans of the band formed by John, Paul, George Harrison and Ringo;

– Movie theater: the movies that most marked the birthday boy’s life will be part of the party decoration;

– Countryside: the theme guarantees a rustic and country atmosphere for the party, in addition to exploring the best country music hits in the repertoire;

– Arabic: belly dancing, tents and odalisques cannot be missing from the celebration;

– Hawaiian: the theme values ​​the beach atmosphere, flowery clothes and tropical fruits.

Jack Daniels themed party.  (Photo: Disclosure)

Jack Daniels themed party. (Photo: Disclosure)

themed party ideas

• A trend that is up is the age or history themed party of life of the birthday person. The proposal is quite original, as it allows you to gather objects and photos that bring back good memories;

• If the birthday person has an unconditional passion for a band, movie or actor, this can become a theme for the party;

• Adopting an ethnically inspired menu is a way to gain the preference of guests;

• The attraction chosen to liven up the party must be related to the theme.

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