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4 zodiac signs will lose more weight this year: they will look more attractive

If one of your purposes for 2023 is to achieve the figure that you have desired so much, astrology has excellent news if you are one of these 4 zodiac signs. The horoscope predicts that Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will be able to lose weight and become “the sexiest version of themselves.”

And it is that the planetary energy is configured perfectly so that their bodies easily burn extra caloriesas long as they maintain discipline and willpower, as revealed by MyAstrofame.com astrologer Susan Taylor.

Of course this does not mean that the other signs cannot achieve a slender and sensual figure, however, these 4 zodiac signs will have a better chance of achieving their ideal weight and the astrologer explains why.

In the second half of 2023, Gemini will move much faster towards its goals because it will have the support of Jupiter, the planet that governs fortune, the astrologer predicted. You will find more motivation to show off the body you want and there will be no obstacle that can stop it.

Virgos will be more motivated to regulate their appetite and lose extra pounds. The energy of Saturn, the planet of structures and discipline, will be influencing his mentality. This means that they will be able to be strong in pursuing their goals, and if losing weight is among them, they will be able to achieve it.

This year will be for Sagittarius like coming out of the cocoon where they are and being reborn as a beautiful butterfly. He will have the power in his mind and body to lose the calories he gained in the past months. According to the astrologer, You will have no difficulty in achieving that goal..

Like Saturn, the planet of discipline and rigor, natives of this sign who feel the need to lose weight will be entering Pisces on March 7. they will be able to do it much faster and more efficientlyTaylor said.

The planet of the rings will make you more responsible for yourself, which means that you will have the willpower to follow a diet and exercise routine.

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