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4 ways to keep your thyroid healthy

There are ways to keep your thyroid healthy, or at least lessen the effects of certain problems. Find out which ones and put them into practice.

It is important to underline that many of the dysfunctions in the thyroid gland are due to genetic factors and, in a way, inevitable. However, there is ways to keep your thyroid healthy and reduce the likelihood of problems related to this gland.

Avoiding some foods and favoring others are some of the ways to keep the thyroid healthy and avoid problems in a gland that, after all, regulates and influences the functions of various organs in our body.

healthy thyroid: What are your main functions?

The thyroid is located in the throat region, below the “Adam’s apple”, and is shaped like a butterfly.

This gland is responsible for regulating the functioning of the heart, kidneys, brain, among other organs. This is because it is the thyroid that releases a series of important hormones for our body.

A diseased thyroid will either release too much or too little hormones. The first scenario is called hyperthyroidism. The second situation is called hypothyroidism. In both cases, the thyroid enlarges.

Its malfunction may have a negative effect and influence on:

  • memory;
  • menstrual cycles;
  • development of children and adolescents;
  • Weight;
  • concentration;
  • humor.

4 ways to keep your thyroid healthy

take care of the intestine

It is in this organ that the absorption of nutrients takes place, essential for the proper functioning of thyroid hormones. For this reason, for a healthy thyroid, it is important to invest in pre and probiotics, which encourage the proliferation of bacteria beneficial to the body, consume fiber, and reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates and fatty foods.

Consume iodine, iron, selenium and tyrosine

These nutrients are essential for the production of thyroid hormones. To obtain these nutrients, you should try to consume algae and seafood, oilseeds (chia, linseed, Brazil nuts and cashews), red meat, broccoli and legumes and avocado, chestnuts and cheese.

Avoid black, white, green and red tea

Teas from the plant Camellia sinensis have a high phosphorus content, which can interfere with iodine uptake by the thyroid.

Take good care of the liver

Prevents liver problems by avoiding excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and continuous taking of medication, unless it is a medical recommendation.

thyroid gland

Good Foods for a Thyroid healthy

We have already advanced some of the foods that are good for the thyroid. However, it is possible to list a few more super ingredients, indicated to preserve the health of this gland.

Seaweed: They have iodine and selenium, essential nutrients for the production of hormones by the thyroid.

Brazil Nut: This dry fruit is rich in selenium and omega-3, nutrients that contribute to the production of hormones by the thyroid.

Quinoa: As it has selenium, quinoa is also a suggested food for the proper functioning of the thyroid.

Fish oil: Because it contains iodine, this oil is very important for the proper functioning of the thyroid.

Milk and derivatives: The vitamin A and iodine in these foods are essential to ensure a healthy, fully functioning thyroid.

Egg yolk: Despite having only a small amount of iodine, egg yolk is a super important food for the production of hormones by the thyroid.

Red meat: Without exaggerating the amount, red meat has zinc and selenium, nutrients beneficial for the thyroid.

Orange: Rich in carotenoids and vitamin C, orange helps in the proper functioning of the thyroid.

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