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4 Tricks to quickly learn to whistle and whistle loudly

Without a doubt, one of the most fun things you could do as a child was whistle or whistle with fingersso that competitions were created at school with your friends to see who could make it stronger.

It is a simple method to be able to emit a loud whistle with which you can call the attention of your friends, or anyone you need to notify and who is at a certain distance.

However, not everyone seems capable of achieving it, trying many times and finally giving up. In my case, no matter how hard I tried, I never managed to get any sound out of my mouth. My friends tried to explain the process to me, but even that way I couldn’t do it, I always ended up covered in saliva.

If the same thing happened to you and you couldn’t do it (and perhaps you still haven’t managed it yet), today we are going to teach you the perfect method to achieve it. Surely you are no longer old enough to be whistling at people on the street, because for many it can be a somewhat unpleasant sound, but it will be great for you when you need to notify someone who is a bit far away and you cannot call them.

But we have good news, and that is that we are going to present you a method to learn to whistle with your fingers in four simple steps. And best of all, it really works!

In a few minutes with these instructions you will achieve what you had not achieved in your entire life. At first you may only get a timid hiss, but after you try a few times you will become a professional.

How to whistle and whistle hard with your fingers in four steps:

1. Form an “A” by joining the index and middle fingers of both hands as you can see in the image

You want to make sure that you fully extend the index and middle fingers of your hands to get a loud whistle, at the same time fold your ring and pinky fingers, supporting them with the big toe.

Next, form an “A” by joining your hands as seen in the image above. Doing it well is essential to get whistling correctly.

2. Cover your teeth with your lips

The definitive method to learn to whistle whistle 02It is essential to position the lips well. You should lightly lick your lips and place them covering your teeth, as if you were an elderly person without teeth.

It is very important that the lips cover your teeth to prevent air from escaping. Place them as you feel most comfortable, depending on the size of your mouth and the thickness of your lips.

However, you don’t need to use a lot of force either, as your fingers will help hold your lips later.

3. Push your tongue back with your fingers

The definitive method to learn to whistle whistle 03Push the underside of your tongue with your fingertips and fold it back into your mouth.

You can place your fingers on your lips and push them until you reach the first knuckle. At least 1/4 of your tongue (let’s say the tip of the tongue) should rest folded back. No force is needed, just hold it with your fingers so that it rests folded in your mouth.

4. Blow through the gap between your index fingers

The definitive method to learn to whistle whistle 04We have finally reached the last step. You may not get it the first time. You will need to coordinate well and practice several times. What you can do is try it in front of a mirror to make it easier for you to correctly imitate all the steps.

You should try to blow through your mouth, feeling that the air only comes out touching the tip of your upper lip. If you see that the air escapes from the corners, you will have to close your mouth and lips more. Everything has to be perfectly sealed!

Now you just have to practice a little and have fun. If you get it, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment!

If you liked this method share it with your friends and try to see who whistles louder

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