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4 tips to carry it out without stress

Summer is the most long-awaited time: you spend more time outdoors, you meet friends more often. Still, the moment of the first day in a bikini terrifies us.

An increasingly common discomfort that is accentuated with the arrival of the beautiful season, preventing you from enjoying the sun and the sea, worsens your relationship with food and affects your self-confidence. If you don’t like yourself, you will face life without enthusiasm and energy, but the solution is not to stop going to the beach or to recover the hyper-covering maritime fashion of the early 20th century.

Why are we afraid of the bikini?

The arrival of heat leads us to take off our warm clothes and show our bodies in public. However, instead of enjoying this moment of freedom, some people fear or avoid it.

The main reason is that we look inadequate compared to a standard of beauty that we see in advertisements or on television. We compare ourselves to a type of woman or man that we rarely find on the beach. Because, in the end, let’s face it, who doesn’t have a little cellulite or a little fluid retention? Or some stretch marks on the buttocks or thighs? Doesn’t bacon look like a candy bar?

RedApple’s tips for surviving the bikini test

So, how to carry out the bikini operation without stress? Easy, not live it as a test or as a mandatory operation. But as a pleasant moment to get in touch with nature and perhaps as an opportunity to get moving again.

  1. Put aside the comparisons with the models and the models you see in the newspapers (are you sure that their photos have not been touched up on the computer?)
  2. Learn to love yourself, even if you have a few extra pounds!
  3. Discover day after day all the details of your body that make you unique, including flaws
  4. Do physical activity. You don’t need hours and hours of exhausting training, you just have to choose to walk, instead of using the car. Also, check your dietwhich, as Manzanaroja reminds you, must be varied and balanced.

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