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4 tips that will make you appreciate and love your body

The female body has to put up with so much. Not only do we have periods and give birth, we also have to put up with being criticized. It’s no wonder that many of us feel bad about our bodies. Now we want a change to this! We need to start being proud of our bodies. We share four tricks to help you start loving your body.

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Body awareness is everywhere and we are pumped daily with images of the perfect bodies. It cannot be denied that high demands are placed on our bodies today. We must be thin – but not too thin. We should be curvy – but not too curvy. We must have a narrow waist, a large butt and reasonably large breasts. Above all, we should not be fat – woe and horror! It’s simply not easy being a woman and having a body.

1. Be selective with who you follow on social media

Although fitness accounts can be great spurs and inspiration if you exercise or want to start exercising. However, they can also make us constantly strive for their bodies and not be satisfied with our bodies until we look like them. Instead, choose to follow training profiles with a body type similar to your own or who have a healthy view of health. Another tip is to follow people who have a body-positive account on Instagram. If you have difficulty accepting your body, it can be good to have a flow where you can see all types of bodies.

2. Stop comparing

It’s easy to say that you should stop comparing yourself, but it’s harder than you think. We have had it imprinted in us since we were small that we should compare ourselves to each other. Then it was perhaps more about the fact that the bestie had received an expensive and nice toy, which later developed into the fact that the bestie had thinner thighs than us. If we keep comparing ourselves to each other, we will only feel worse about ourselves. So stop comparing yourself! Every time you find yourself comparing yourself to someone – redirect your attention to something else. Like cute puppies or whatever. Finally, you have taught your brain not to think that way.

3. Wear clothes you feel good in

Okay, first things first. ALL clothes fit EVERYONE. There is no such thing as “dress according to your body type”, the only thing that exists is “dress in what you want and feel good in”. Many of us think that “as long as I lose a few kilos, I can wear those jeans” or “when I reach this target weight, I can dress the way I want”. Don’t care what size your clothes are and wear exactly what you want. Do you find it difficult to buy larger sizes? Cut off the size tag and the problem is gone. In the end, size doesn’t matter – it’s how you feel that matters.

4. Stop talking bad about bodies

This applies both to your own and to others. For some inexplicable reason, it has become completely okay to comment on the female body. Learn to speak up if you hear someone talking badly about someone’s body and also think about what you say yourself. It’s probably not just others who contribute to talking bad about the female body, you probably do too. Every time you say something negative about your body or someone else’s, both you and others will feel bad about it. Speak up for your sake and that of other women!

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