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4 Things that change according to the blood group of each person

As humans, we try to categorize all the things around us, we need it, it’s something we just can’t help.

This eagerness to classify everything makes us even put labels on people, sometimes for useful reasons and other times simply to hurt.

For thousands of years, many people have tried to find some traits that define the personality of each individual, an “infallible” way to label each human being.


The Greeks and Romans relied on the constellations and the moment a person was born to determine what their personality would be like. In China, certain years are associated with certain animals that represent the personality that each person will have. The Celts used the type of tree that was in flower when a person was born.

Bearing this in mind, it might seem that determining the personality of people based on arbitrary traits is something that we have been dragging along since ancient times, because it is not so. In fact, even in the 1970s, people were still trying to develop a new system for determining the personality of others.

A man named Masahiko Nomi popularized a system that used blood group to determine people’s personality, temperament, ideal profession, even compatibility with other people.

The scientific community grants the same validity to this method as to the one based on astrology, that is, none, even so, it is a very popular system in Japan and even today it continues to influence the daily life of the Japanese, especially when they are looking for partners. .

Don’t wait any longer and find out what your blood says about your personality.

What does blood type have to do with personality?


The idea that blood type influences the type of person you are was conceived by Takeji Furukawa, a Tokyo professor in the late 1920s. His ideas were taken up during the 1970s by Masahiko Nomi, a journalist who wrote several books on the subject and managed to spread the belief among the Japanese.

In this system, the four blood types, (A,B, AB and O) are associated with certain traits. Positive and negative are indistinguishable, so people with A positive and negative blood are simply considered type A.

Type A blood


People with type A blood are said to be serious, responsible, sensible, and patient. They are also usually very careful and methodical. They love to keep things neat and tidy.

They have a certain facility to remain calm and concentrate in times of great stress. They tend to be hard workers and sometimes do not express their thoughts for fear of causing conflict.

Type B blood


Type Bs love to do things their own way, even if it means breaking some rules. Forging their own path makes them adaptable and flexible in their thinking yet they are also very frank and sincere.

Type Bs need to be surrounded by love and affection. They tend to feel lonely easily. They also fall in love easily although they are very affected when things don’t work out.

Blood Type AB


People with AB blood are dreamers, they are willing to go out and achieve their goals whatever they are, whatever it takes. They are not looking for fame, money or success, they are only interested in achieving their goals.

They tend to be avid readers, they love to study and learn. Their interests and hobbies can be very varied because they are usually very creative. They can get hurt easily. They appreciate solitude and personal space.

Type O Blood


Type O people are also focused on achieving their goals, but their goals tend to be a bit more grounded in the material world than AB people. Although they strive for money and abundance, they are not greedy or reckless, they usually take a rather cold and strategic approach to things.

They are also good leaders, caring for others comes naturally to them. They don’t suffer from small problems and prefer to see the big picture rather than dwell on the details.

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Does it match your personality? Do you think it’s nonsense? Would there be any biological method to determine a person’s personality?

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