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4 technological items to pamper your pet • ENTER.CO

There are those who pamper their pet as much as if it were their child, since they have become one more member of the family. As a family member, you always want the best for them, in addition to keeping them safe. Just as technology has thought about creating articles and devices that make your life easier, the technology industry has also thought about those pet owners who want to invest in a good food dispenser or automatic toys for their cats or dogs.

At ENTER.CO we have selected five technological items for your pets that will undoubtedly make your life much easier.

QR code plate

Although we are the most cautious when going out with our pet for a walk, no one is exempt from the dog running away or getting lost in a large group of people. In cases like these, it is very useful for the pet to have a collar with its respective name and at least one cell phone number with which they can communicate in case of loss.

Now, they have created a plate that also has a QR code; Once the code is scanned, you will be able to see an online profile of the pet and/or have all the necessary contact information to return the animal to its owner. The prices of this plate in different online stores range from $40,000 to $130,000, some have more options than others depending on their price.

throw balls

If your dog or cat likes to play fetch, but you don’t have enough time to play with them, this device will be your best ally. The ball launcher also known as ifetch or Hyperfecth is an automatic ball launcher that holds between 3 and 5 balls, depending on the model and manufacturer.

The pet must insert the ball into the device and the device, in a matter of seconds, will launch the ball so that the animal comes out after it and the action is repeated. Some devices have the option to limit the meters at which the ball will be thrown. In the online market you can find this toy from $70,000 to $250,000 Colombian pesos.

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food dispenser

With the arrival of the pandemic, many were able to move their work home, so they spend more time with their pets, but office work still exists. If for some reason you cannot be 24/7 aware of your pets’ food, an automatic food dispenser will be the solution. Generally, these devices come with the possibility of establishing the two or three times of the day in which the food must be supplied to the animal. You will even find some dispensers with a camera included to monitor your pet. Panning the product online, you can find the dispenser from $130,000 to $250,000 Colombian pesos.

led necklace

Although this device does not have a larger motor for its operation, it is quite useful for animalovers. If you don’t have enough time to take your dog for a walk during the day, the collar with led lights will be enough for your dog to run around the park without fear of getting lost due to lack of light. Generally, this item comes with batteries, some are equipped with a charger to reduce the economic cost of batteries. In the online market you can find them from $12,000 to $30,000 Colombian pesos, depending on the size, thickness, mode of loading, etc.

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