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4 spectacular lipsticks that look good on everyone

Looking for the perfect shade for your lips? It’s not mission impossible. There are spectacular lipsticks that look good on everyone. Find out which.

The perfect lipstick is the one we take with us everywhere, every day, and with which we always feel more beautiful. Yes, the one that enhances our skin tone and brings out a special aura. But did you know that there is a perfect lipstick for everyone? Or rather, several. Lipsticks that look good not only on us, but also on our sister or best friend. yes there is spectacular lipsticks that look good on everyone and we show you what they are.

While choosing each woman’s favorite lipstick color is largely dependent on personality and mood, the truth is that there are shades that really flatter every woman. Do not believe? So come over there and check it out.

Spectacular lipsticks for everyone: the 4 infallible

You’ve probably heard that there’s a nude for every woman. And it’s really true. Regardless of the natural tone of her mouth, nude lipsticks work on any woman, giving an elegant and natural look to makeup.

In other words, if there are spectacular lipsticks that look good on everyone, it doesn’t matter if you prefer a matte, creamy or satin finish, it’s the nude lipstick. This, of course, in addition to being a perfect lipstick for everyday life, as it works well with any type of outfit, from the most classic to the most modern.

Of those spectacular lipsticks to use and abuse, therefore.

nars lipstick

Nars Seductive

A perfect nude for everyday wear.


Red lipstick has the power to make any woman more beautiful and sensual. And, the good part is that, just like nudes, there is a shade of red for every woman, regardless of the natural tone of the mouth and skin color.

So, it doesn’t matter if you are a daring woman and prefer to wear a more open red lipstick, if you prefer a darker crimson or if, on the contrary, you are just a fan of those duller red tones that you can wear on a daily basis.

Red lipstick really looks good on everyone. So if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Mac lipstick

MAC Chandelier Glass

An intense red and very beautiful.


spectacular lipsticks

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Yes, spectacular pink lipsticks also look good on everyone, especially the paler shades. It doesn’t matter if you have a light skin tone or, as opposed to a darker skin tone.

A pink lipstick is always a good choice, especially for light day-to-day makeup, where you want to look effortlessly beautiful.

The ideal is to choose a tone that you feel comfortable with, so that you can use and abuse on any occasion. With spectacular lipsticks, of course.

You’ll see how much you love seeing yourself in the mirror, just as you love seeing your best friend with pink lips.

ysl pink lipstick

YSL Rouge Pur Couture

An intense pink for women who love pink.


Just as there are transparent glosses, which are very popular among young girls, nowadays there are also spectacular transparent glossy lipsticks. As they only give a slight shine and hydration to the natural color of the lips, they work, of course, on everyone.

And, the most curious thing is that, depending on the natural color of each person’s lips, they take on a different tone. That is, you could be wearing the same transparent lipstick as your best friend, and it looks like each one is wearing a different lipstick. Do not believe? Then try it!

The ideal is to use them over a lip balm, so that the lips are hydrated and beautiful.

fenty gloss lipstick

Fenty Beauty Slip Shine

For all those who like beautiful and slightly shiny lips.


Now that you know that there are lipsticks that look good on everyone, you will make better choices when offering a new lipstick to a friend or family member, right?

Challenge your friends, sisters and cousins ​​and ask them if they know which lipstick colors work on every woman.

Article originally published in October 2021. Updated in September 2022.

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