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4 popular social networks you didn’t even remember

Many have fallen into disuse, but there are popular social networks that I didn’t even remember and that keep unique memories.

Remember MySpace? What about the Hi5? Two of the first platforms that began to unveil what would later be called “social networks”. Some served specific purposes, such as sharing photos, music or simply sharing everyday life. some of these popular social networks – which he no longer remembered – still exist, for the most part, and there are even cases where you can access your old data.

Facebook was not the first to open up the world of social media, on the contrary. There were many platforms that preceded it, where short videos, music, photographic works, among other topics that were published very frequently, were shared.

4 popular social networks that fell by the wayside

O MySpace reinvented itself. Despite still dedicating itself mainly to the music shared by users and also to the sharing of news from well-known artists, this network had to update itself to present, at least, a more current and appealing graphic aspect.

Despite having lost many users to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, the Myspace became the most visited social network between 2005 and 2008.

However, with the need to publicize their work, most artists chose other networks to share their creations. This caused MySpace to lose, in addition to its users, a large amount of money, facts that contributed to the fall in the popularity of this platform.

If you had an account on this network, can still access most of your informationnamely photos, videos, playlists and friends.

One of the popular social networks that I didn’t even remember is, of course, the Hi5, a network widely used in Portugal. In fact, this platform became the second most used social network on the Internet, but fell into disuse with the emergence of Facebook in 2011.

The purpose of both networks was very similar, with the difference that, the creation of Zuckerberg, brought a design more appealing, in addition to better and more innovative features.

But the Hi5 has not “died” and can still be used. In addition to still being able to use this social network, you can also reactivate your old account and access all the information you once shared. All you need to know is the email you used to access your account et voila: returned to the world of the first social networks.

One of the beginnings of radio online, the network that inspired services like Spotify or Pandora. At last.fm a true community was created that shared a common taste: music.

On this platform, themes related to music were discussed; any information and recommendations that each user wanted to give were welcome. Therefore, each user had a profile built based on their musical tastes, taking into account the songs and artists they listened to.

Last.fm still exists and has a completely renewed presentation, suitable for the era of social networks and the constant innovation that we witness on a daily basis. You can create a new account and remember the old times of sharing music.

Three years after being bought by Twitter, the vine was deactivated in 2016 for no longer achieving the desired results. But this has been one of the most popular social networks – since its launch in 2012.

In fact, no one expected the success that this platform has achieved. Through it, it was possible to create 6-second videos, mostly comedy and entertainment, which could then be shared.

The success of this network was such that it was even responsible for the Shawn Mendes career launch, musician of Portuguese and British origin. Despite being deactivated, this was certainly one of the popular social networks that he didn’t even remember.

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