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4 planets will be retrograde in December 2022: what they mean for your life

A total of 4 planets will be retrograde at the same time in December 2022, although one of them will culminate its transit back very soon, another of them is the most feared by astrology lovers: Mercury.

In general, the planet that governs the astrological energy of information and communication is only retrograde 3 times a year, but in 2022, this will be the fourth time that Mercury will “reverse” in its usual orbit.

Retrogrades occur when a planet transits slower in the sky giving the appearance of “walking” in the opposite direction across the sky. Although in reality they do not go backwards (it is only an optical illusion due to our position on Earth) astrologically they do generate energetic complications.

The so-called inner planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) tend to be quite chaotic when they recede because they are closer to Earth, while the outer ones (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) their effects are less noticeable as they are further away. of us.

In December 2022 two of the planets that will be retrograde are interior and the other two are exterior. Find out which stars will present this behavior in December 2022 and cWhat are its effects on your life?.

Retrograde Neptune in Pisces – until December 3

Neptune began its retrograde on June 28 and will end on December 3. Its effects are not that drastic, but they are noticeable. During its reverse transit, we may have received harsh reality checks after we rationalized fantastic dreams. Neptune is the planet that rules dreams, fantasies and illusions..

Uranus retrograde in Taurus – ends January 23, 2023

Uranus, the ruling star of unexpected changes and our rebellious energy, began its retrograde on August 24. The effects of it promote a more developed intuition to perceive what comes to us later.

Retrograde Mars in Gemini – ends January 12, 2023

The red planet governs action, strength and passion, so when it is retrograde we could have less energy, a bad mood, resentment and frustration. The retrograde periods of Mars happen every two years, this began on October 30 and will end until January 12, 2023.

Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn – December 29 to January 19, 2023

The fourth and last retrograde of the year is the dreaded Mercury, the planet that governs thoughts, communication and ideas. As explained by astrologers in Elite Daily, when you park retrograde on New Year’s Eve it will create challenges and difficulties when receiving or sending important information.

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