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4 old cell phones that are worth money

There are those who accumulate old cell phones when they change devices. Some models can even be worth good money. Do you have any of these?

There is often one or more drawers in the house specially dedicated to the storage of old cell phones.

In fact, it is quite common to buy one new cell phone and save the previous one in case there is any kind of emergency or situation that requires its reuse (how many times have you had to repair your current device and use the oldest one to remain contactable in your day-to-day life?).

The truth is that these situations are even very common and common to most people – since events such as cell phone breakdowns, for example, are very common and require having a “plan B” always close at hand.

But the truth is that some of those old cell phones that you may have kept at home are, nowadays, seen as true relics and worth small fortunes.

Old cell phones: the rarest are the most expensive

Nokia 8110

Launched in 1996 by Nokia, a renowned Finnish brand, this model was considered absolutely revolutionary at the time – not exactly because of its technical characteristics, but because of its format, even being nicknamed the banana phone (thanks to the outer “cover” that had to be slid to see the keys).

What made this model one of the most sought after old cell phones, and also one of the most profitable, was its appearance in the movie The Matrix.

In fact, a little search on eBay will make you realize that there are ads rising to 500 euros for models that have never been opened, and others cheaper, depending on the state of the cell phone.

Motorola DynaTAC

old motorola mobile

One of the first mobile phones to appear in the 80s was the Motorola DynaTAC, popularly known as “the brick”. In fact, although its commercialization only started in 1984, this Motorola was already being thought of in the 40s, such was its size (both physical and historical).

This was one of the first models to be considered truly portable, and all thanks to Martin Cooper, seen as the “father of the mobile phone”.

It is a mobile phone that, more than a rarity, is seen as a collector’s model and that can amount to almost 600 euros when searched on the virtual market.

The truth is that decades ago, one would never have thought that this type of old cell phone could appreciate so much over the years.

Nokia 808 Pureview

nokia pure view

The Finnish brand is back on this list with a model launched in 2012.

Despite not being as old as the previous ones, the Nokia 808 Pureview is seen as a collector’s item mainly thanks to the quality of the camera it had (taking into account the year it was released).

This model had a 41 megapixel sensor, in addition to Carl Zeiss optics, guaranteeing photographs of immense quality for the time.

If you look for the price at which this mobile phone is being sold on the Internet, you will certainly be impressed to learn that there are advertisements that exceed €400, a price that, years ago, would have been unthinkable for a mobile phone like this.

Samsung SPH-N270

Samsung smartphone

The truth is that the appearance of certain objects in films increases both their recognition and appreciation.

Like the mobile phone that tops this list, this Samsung model also gained fame in one of the best-known cinematic sequels ever: the The Matrix Reloaded.

Launched in 2003, its design and format did not go unnoticed and can, nowadays, be found for over €200 on the Internet.

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