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4 ideal apps for musicians • ENTER.CO

Technology can be a great ally as long as the appropriate and/or important information is reached for each person. For example, although technology can be a double-edged sword for music, there are also hundreds of products and services suitable for artists. On this occasion, we have brought together the best four applications according to some Colombian musicians so that you can sharpen your musical ear and get the most out of your musical skills.

It should be noted that the apps mentioned here are compatible with both IOS and Android devices. You can download them through the app store of your mobile device. In addition, the four applications have a (quite complete) free version.

When a musical artist listens to a song, they usually have the ability to separate (in their head) the musical instruments. However, sometimes hearing and skills fail. To do this, Moises was born, an app that allows you to separate any track from the voice, that is, you can listen to the voice, the drums, the bass guitar, etc. In this way you will be able to appreciate the sound of each instrument separately.

Although its name says it all, we explain what it is about. This application will allow you to perfect your listening skills through training with intervals, chords, harmonic sequences and scales. This app is perfect not only for experienced musicians, but also for amateurs who want to sharpen their musical ear.

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With this application you will not feel alone. IReal Pro is an app that allows you to have a band in your pocket, that is, it simulates all the instruments that you choose so that they play the melody that you want. In addition, it is divided by levels so that you can select the one you feel most comfortable with. Likewise, you can create and collect your own scores to rehearse them whenever and wherever you want.

If you want to know how your song would sound when passing through a music studio, this application will help you simulate it. It has the necessary tools to create and share music wherever you want; for example, it has the “Mix Editor” option with which you can record, edit and mix your songs.

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