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4 common things couples argue about at Christmas

Do you and your partner always break up during Christmas? You are not alone in that. This is how you restore Christmas peace in a snap!

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During Christmas, it’s easy to wrangle over chores and money. Here are the most common sources of trouble during the holiday season – and how you solve the problems.

1. Division of duties

There is a lot to be done before the Christmas celebration: food must be prepared, homes cleaned and gifts bought. If one of you is doing most of the chores, there is bound to be an argument at some stage.

Solution: Make a list of the chores and divide them into two categories: those that must be done and those that are not as necessary. Then divide the chores in the first category between you. It’s easier to get things done when you have them in black and white.

2. The Christmas budget

Money is something that many couples argue about during Christmas. A classic problem is that one person in the relationship likes to spend an extra penny on gifts, decorations and food, while the other is more frugal.

Solution: Make a budget where you decide how much you can spend on each category.

3. Where to celebrate Christmas

This is a perennial problem: your partner wants to celebrate Christmas with his family, and you want to celebrate with yours.

Solution: Try to reach a compromise. Can everyone come to your house instead, or can you agree to celebrate at each other’s families every other year?

4. Quarrels with in-laws

Christmas is a time when the family gets together, something that does not always go harmoniously. A source of conflict can be a parent-in-law who likes to comment (read: criticize) everything from cooking to decorating.

Solution: Instead of taking out your frustration on your partner, talk to the in-laws like this: “I feel [en känsla] when you [en handling]. Please [det du vill att personen gör]. For example: “I feel sad when you criticize my cooking. Please don’t say my food is disgusting, even if you don’t like it.


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