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4 chemical-free body creams (and 10 reasons to use them)

As you probably already realized, natural and sustainable cosmetics are the latest trend when it comes to beauty. And that, of course, is good news, especially for owners of more sensitive and intolerant skin, who prefer chemical-free body creams.

In this sense, and because we all deserve silky, beautiful and hydrated skin, we went in search of the best ones and we reveal why you should prefer them, to the detriment of the traditional ones.

Come on out and say hello to healthier skin.

10 reasons to want chemical-free body creams


Safer on sensitive skin

Those with sensitive skin may have bad experiences with the use of traditional body creams, as they can cause allergies, redness or some other side effect.

The good news is that this does not happen when you opt for organic cosmetics, as the products are made with organic ingredients, which do not irritate the skin.

That is, it is worth preferring them, for daily use.

Parabens are preservatives used in the cosmetics manufacturing process. While they extend the shelf life of products, they also disrupt estrogen production and are often associated with illnesses such as weakened immune systems and allergies.

Therefore, always prefer paraben-free body creams.


Suitable for all skins

Even those who do not have sensitive skin may experience some discomfort when using traditional creams. Indeed, there are many cases in which they cause dry skin, itching and redness. Not to mention the possibility of triggering more serious skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis.

In this sense, natural ingredients are best suited to ensure nourished and healthy skin.

Like many other products made with organic ingredients, chemical-free body creams help provide the skin with some additional nourishment. Ingredients such as vitamin E, hazelnut, coconut oil or argan oil are the most used and well known for helping to make the skin healthier.

In addition, they also prevent signs of aging, as they have antioxidant properties.


Not tested on animals

Many products that go through the normal cosmetic production process undergo rigorous animal testing. However, when we talk about chemical-free body creams, this does not happen, since they are made from natural ingredients and not tested on animals.

ecological cosmetics

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Traditional cosmetics use chemicals such as preservatives and artificial colors that, in and of themselves, can accelerate skin aging and make it less healthy. This is not the case with chemical-free body creams, which is great news, right?

Since most traditional beauty products are manufactured using chemicals and other ingredients, these are often scented to mask the smell. And, the truth is that, at least for some people, this aroma can be irritating and even cause migraines.

Natural products, on the other hand, have lighter and smoother scents, perfect for those looking for a complete sense of well-being.


Less exposure to toxins

There are many body creams and traditional cosmetics that contain toxins in their composition, such as mercury, arsenic and cadmium. And, long-term exposure to these compounds can result in adverse side effects. Natural products tend to avoid them and are therefore healthier.


Allow the skin to breathe

A problem common to many traditional cosmetics and body creams is that they tend to clog pores, due to their composition being too dense (which in some cases can even trigger a body acne crisis).

Natural products, on the other hand, do not accumulate in the pores and can be easily removed or washed off, leaving the skin and pores free of any substance.


Safer for the environment

With the many synthetic and chemical ingredients used for the production of traditional cosmetics, the environment is also affected, in its most different ways, such as air pollution, depletion of the ozone layer and pollution of water bodies.

By not resorting to aggressive means of production or the use of materials that are not environmentally friendly, chemical-free products are the best alternative to help keep planet Earth healthier.

Therefore, if you want to have a responsible, sustainable attitude and reduce your ecological footprint, it is worth opting for chemical-free body creams.

4 good options for chemical-free body creams

1. Argan Oil Body Lotion, Dr. Organic

This argan oil-based body lotion leaves skin instantly soft, smooth and revitalized. And best of all, it’s free of parabens, SLS, artificial colors and fragrances.
In other words, if you want beautiful and hydrated skin, this body cream is an excellent solution.


2. Almond Milk Body Moisturizer, The Body Shop

Specially formulated for normal to dry skin, this body cream from The Body Shop, a sustainable and environmentally friendly brand, hydrates in depth, leaving skin soft and silky.
And the best part is that it has an irresistible scent.
It’s vegan!


3. Kora Organics Nourishing Body Oil, Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr’s line of natural products is based on natural ingredients and fatty acids.
If you’re looking for chemical-free body oils, you’ll love this one.


4. Shea Butter Geranium Body Milk, Cattier

With a formula rich in fatty acids, organic geranium essential oil, (which has calming properties) and organic shea butter, this body cream, formulated without chemicals, is a good alternative for all those looking for dream skin, even In the winter.


Ready to take even better care of your body?

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