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4 applications and websites to play secret friend • ENTER.CO

The most anticipated date for some Colombians is approaching: the day of love and friendship. The specific date is September 17, the day on which several groups of friends, co-workers and family take the opportunity to deliver the secret friend gift. For those who don’t know about the game…it’s very simple; A group of people put their names in a bag, mix them up and then each one takes out a piece of paper and the gift is given on the day it is scheduled.

But come on, we are in the age of technology, if you want to do without the vintage game of the bag and the pieces of paper, we have several options for you. These four apps and websites will help you organize the game with your friends. Without further ado, these are the four resources that we recommend.

Invisible friend

The first thing you need to know is that unfortunately this app is only available for Android devices. However, its use is quite simple; The admin needs to enter the date on which the details will be delivered, the agreed price and the place where the delivery will take place. Then, you must enter the name of the participants and their respective emails, once the invitation arrives in their emails, they will be able to discover the couple that corresponded to them. The advantage of this app is that you can stipulate which people should not date someone, for example: David is Marcela’s boyfriend, so they should not date each other.

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This website has a fairly simple but complete design. You will only need your email to throw the names. When the page verifies your email, you will be given a link that you can share via social networks or WhatsApp to your group of friends. When they enter, the page will also request their emails; all participants will be able to add their wish list and select similar gift options.

It is also a web page where you can organize the draw with your friends. The only thing you need is to write the name of the participants and their respective emails. Each one can add a list of gifts that they want to receive, which will also be sent via email later. The advantage of the page is that, like Invisible Friend, you can prevent someone from getting the name of your partner or someone who “can’t” be your secret friend.

This web page allows the organizer to enter their email or login with their Facebook account and add invitations to other emails. After making the draw among the total number of users, the website allows you to include a list of gifts that you want, you will be able to see who your secret friend is and you will be able to participate in the secret chat group between the players.

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