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3D wallpaper: tips, how to use, photos

3D wallpaper: tips, how to use, photos – Decoration with 3D wallpaper has grown a lot in recent times, due to the different appearance it gives to the environment in which this type of special wallpaper is applied. There are several options for models, colors and you have many options for designs. To let you know where to buy and how to place it, check out our full article and see our tips!

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3D wallpaper: tips, how to use, photos

Inspired by three dimensional effects that are successful on the screens of cinema and television, this style of decoration it can renew, in a very interesting way, the look of living rooms, bedrooms, balconies and even kitchens and bathrooms, among other rooms. In addition to the different look that you will have, if you break your head a little you can create a very different environment by combining the decoration of the chosen paper with the furniture in the environment, making a super cool environment.

Imitating textures, coatings, stones, vehicles, landscapes and various types of objects, the 3d wallpaper can give a feeling of greater space, depending on the design that is contained in it, and still create effects that will make the environment even more beautiful, through the optical illusionthere are many options that you find in the market.

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3D Wallpaper Tips

Bringing varied colors and prints, the three-dimensional wallpaper adapts to virtually any type of environment, making them much more sophisticated, and is also an interesting option for offices, stores and commercial premises. Choose the ideal paper for each environment, don’t go for something fancy and flashy for a more formal office.

It consists of a kind of panel with drawings in high relief, which can have different shapes, with geometric and abstract ones being the most sought after, not to mention drawings of objects and figures. Between the tips for using 3D wallpaperit is worth mentioning that the options that bring circles, waves and squares can combine with the furniture in the room and harmonize the environment, providing incredible effects, bringing a cleaner air to the space.

To better enjoy the 3d effectit is also essential to invest in good lighting, which will be responsible for highlighting the shapes and designs found in this type of wallpaper, which can be purchased at decoration stores and on various websites. Check out some websites that offer this type of product below:

3D wallpaper pictures

To be inspired and use this type of decoration in your home or office, check out some 3d wallpaper pictures in the image gallery below.

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