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3D Environment Simulator | Make your decoration project

How about playing architect and decorator with a 3D Environment Simulator? Through the simulator3d site it is possible, it is an easy, simple and practical site for you to put your creativity into practice and test environments, colors and even decoration furniture. See how to use the site and its tools.

What this article covers:

How the 3D Environment Simulator works

The 3D Environment Simulator is super simple to use and very intuitive. You have several options within the site to choose from as environments. The available environments are:

  • facades
  • Rooms
  • offices
  • bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • bedrooms
  • And option to “Create my Environment”

How to use 3D Simulator?

After you have already chosen the environment in which you will work, the page will load and you will see a default environment that will be ready. To change the furniture, colors and even move objects and furniture in place, just click on the desired item or by clicking on any object that is in the environment, the name of the selected object will appear in the green column, clicking on this column will show all the objects present in the environment. environment. See below how to use the tool with the selected object:

3d environment simulator arrows

move object from place

  • Green Arrow: Moves up and down
  • Red Arrow: Move sideways
  • Blue Arrow: Move item depth

change object color

Below the selection column you have a full color palette. Select the desired color and select the variations of it if you want. You can also choose the finish by selecting the option below the colors.

Decoration Consulting

Below the finish selection there is this “consulting” option. These are color tips to be used according to the color of the main objects and furniture chosen in your environment. When you change the main color of your furniture, that selection of “consultancy” also changes giving options that fit with the colors chosen previously.

Left main selection column

In this column you can see options to rotate 360, arrows, these options are for moving the camera you view the environment. Below the arrow option you see a lamp, in which you can choose whether you see your environment during the day or at night. On the right side you can choose cold or warm lighting and also the light strength. Below you have a choice of lighting models that change the shadows.

After finishing your project you can save it by clicking on the heart. To save the project for later viewing, you must be logged in to the platform. Make your registration HERE🇧🇷

See below video on how to use the tool:

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