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30 Things Your Partner Can Do When They’re Cheating On You With Someone Else

No one likes to be cheated on, either physically or emotionally. However, with the new ‘Micro-cheating’, it is possible that your partner is being unfaithful without you even realizing it.

It is in your hands to decide what you consider infidelity, but these micro-cheats can sometimes complicate things.

30 Signs that your partner is cheating on you without you realizing it

1- Save a person’s phone in contacts with a code name to prevent you from noticing when you call, text or email.

2- Send to someone other than yourself something provocativesuch as an article about sex or a pornographic video, because you think you will find it interesting.

3- Follow many beautiful girls on social networks and that it seems that he knows them because he supervises each of their publications.

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4- Tell him a compliment to the waitress or the saleswoman.

5- Ask a girl who is “just a friend” a tip about sexwhen I could find the answer on Google.

6- Intentionally neglecting yourself in a conversation with friends so they think he’s single.

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7- Going out of his way to tell a woman he met the night before that Shes quite attractive.

8- Trust someone other than you when you feel emotional because yearns for the answer that you think you can get from someone else.

9- Obsessively checking posts from other people on social media and get more excited to see those than yours.

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10- Tag another person in a post on Instagram that reminds you of that person for an inside joke between them.

11- Remember an ex a day that was meaningful to them as a couple, such as your anniversary.

12- That something incredible happens to him and share it with someone else first.

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13- say you are single to continue flirting with that person you have met on the train or in a bar, even if you have no intention of flirting with him or her.

14- Say that your relationship “it’s not that serious”when you live together and are even engaged.

fifteen- give someone else hopehinting to him that things between you are complicated, when in reality they are not.


16- Dress up like you’re going to a wedding when you go out with someone else because you want to impress them.

17- Send him a message “Good Morning” to another person, simply for that.

18- Tell another person that is thinking about herwhen it is not his birthday.

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19- Ask you to dress a certain way because secretly wants you to look like someone else.

20- Set secret words with other people with whom you are not in a romantic relationship.

21- Send a photo to an ex that reminds him a past moment that you want to relive.

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22- Tell another person about do something he knows you would likeeven knowing that you are available.

23- Meet someone for dinner or a drink and tell you what it is a work matteralthough it is not so.

24- Letting go the wedding ring at home when it leaves according to where.

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25- Spend all the time in a conversation with another person at a party or event that you have gone to together.

26- Asking someone else for their phone number using the excuse that they could work togetheralthough he knows that this possibility does not exist.

27- Praise how amazing another person is with their friends, because it makes you happy to talk about him or her.

Perfume Edited 128- Save an item of clothing that reminds you of an ex even if you don’t like it anymore.

29- Gift you a perfume that reminds you of another personeither an ex-partner or a new conquest.

30- Say “pleased to meet you” unnecessarily.

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Did you know that these small gestures could lead to small deceptions in a couple? Tell us in the comments!

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