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3 zodiac signs will have the worst week of September 2022

The week from September 19 to 25, 2022 will be one of the worst for 3 zodiac signs after the astrological climate that awaits us these days will not make them feel completely comfortable, the good news is that they have the necessary tools to overcome it.

This Tuesday, the Moon will enter the passionate sign of Leo, which means drama, while Venus in Virgo will be forming an aspect known as trine with Uranus in Taurus, this will cause the tension to manifest itself with greater force in relationships and the money.

On the other hand, next September 23, within its retrograde movement, Mercury will re-enter Virgo causing misunderstandings. This astral climate, complex in itself, will make things even more difficult for Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces, but astrology itself gives us the keys for these zodiac signs to overcome this fateful period.

You could be starting or closing new deals and projects at the beginning of the week, but you will have to be careful and insightful to avoid backfiring. You will need to pay more attention and deal with these issues.

Also, you might face some challenges at work. According to StyleCaster.com, there will be misunderstandings not only between colleagues, but also with friends and other friendship circles. The recommendation is to double-check every text message or comment you make on social media.

You will not be in the mood to deal with the tensions that arise in your personal life. You might feel a jolt in your financial and emotional commitmentsso you will have to set some limits.

Before making a decision, the recommendation is to take some time to think because impulsive choices could lead to arguments and financial dilemmas. This week will be a good time to close cycles and analyze past problems.

Chances are high that your relationships will undergo a metamorphosis.. The beginning of the Libra season, at the same time as the equinox, represents a change of energy, in addition to the fact that autumn is a time that represents maturity and mystery.

This week the stars will encourage Pisces to review or reconsider any problem that they need to address in their relationship; It’s likely that he’ll also move the mat back to an ex, so you’ll need to set limits.

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