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3 zodiac signs will have the most difficult week from February 19 to 25

One of the most difficult weeks of February 2023 awaits 3 zodiac signs and they owe it to Mars, a planet that will project a hostile energy on them so they will not be in the mood to live with everyone.

astrologically, Mars rules our actionsthe drive towards independence and the way we approach challenges, but also emotional stability.

When it forms tense aspects, like the ones expected this week, it can cause us to act in unhealthy and safe ways.

While all signs will be affected by this Martian energy, Aries, Leo and Capricorn will receive the strongest impact, predicted YourTango.com. What will happen to you if your sun sign or ascendant is one of these 3? Read on to find out.

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries so regularly tune in harmoniously with all its transits. However, Pluto will be intervening and will accelerate your impulsive energy, this means that will be less patient and will make you feel irritated.

If you are intercepted at the wrong time, you may not react in the best possible way. Anger will control him and it is possible that he will end up exploding with someone who does not deserve such harshness.

He will have a week governed by his anger and negativity, it will depend on himself where he wants to channel it. His ruling planet is the Sun, which means he always shines on his own thanks to his magnetic personality, but Mars will make him feel dwarfed.

Your nerves will be upset and we could expect an explosion of emotions to the limit. You may find it difficult to deal with your feelings, so the key to getting through this week is to be patient.

Anything will make you feel stressed this week and will end up affecting you emotionally, especially if the ghosts of the past come back and open up old wounds.

You will have the feeling of being trapped and he could take rash measures, which is illogical for the energy of this sign used to thinking structuredly, so he will have to be careful not to self-destruct.

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