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3 zodiac signs will have the best week of September 2022

Planetary transits that will occur this week from September 19 to 24 portend good forecasts for 3 signs of the zodiacwho will be able to look forward to amazing days, according to astrology.

The protagonist that will be illuminating the life of these signs will be the autumn equinoxwhich by the way also marks the beginning of the Libra season, a cosmic moment that is seasoned by the passage of Jupiter in Aries and the Moon in Leo.

The combination of these cosmic events prepares the ground for Gemini, Virgo and Libra get the opportunities they’ve been waiting forbut to take advantage of them they will have to take some risks.

According to YourTango.com, as we move into Libra season we will all feel more balanced and clear-headed, giving us the confidence to move forward. But for these signs of the zodiac the adventure will be more harmonious, as the week will offer emotional healing and mark a new beginning. Next, we tell you how the most benefited signs will manifest it this week.

The sign of the twins reacts well to seasonal changes, so this week they will not doubt themselves. The energy of autumn will renew his ability to decide and he will be more sure of the path he should take, because the cycle of Libra will offer him the opportunity to try what he wants in the future.

While at the beginning of the week you might have deep conversations that will lead to important revelations, the following days will flow without any problem. You will be able to close deals, solve love problems and improve friendships.

You’ll be surprised how many people have thought of him, after all, he recently celebrated his birthday or will do so this week. His need to be loved will be fully satisfied, so he will feel more secure and adored.

You will probably do things in the next few days that you have never done before, but they will be satisfying. Virgo is not a sign that likes loneliness, and this week he will be surrounded by friends and loved ones like never before, so it will be one of the most extraordinary of the year.

This week will feel like a vacation. Her mind will be fresh and active, so her creativity will come easily giving her the opportunity to get involved in personal projects. As the Sun approaches this sign, and is fully positioned from September 23, this energy will be received more strongly and will manifest in greater clarity and balance.

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