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3 zodiac signs will get a shock from June 6

With Mercury Retrograde gone, one would think the planets would eventually align. But that’s not counting Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius until October 23. Despite the festive arrival of the Gemini season, Saturn retrograde will turn some zodiac signs upside down. It started on June 4th and invites us to start a period of introspection. Planet of responsibility and integrity, Saturn influences the zodiac signs through blocks and boundaries to help us hold ourselves accountable.

Meet the zodiac signs that will have their lives turned upside down during this new cycle. They are likely to suffer a shock that upsets them.

What are the zodiac signs that will be upset during the week of June 6th?

This Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will lead us to take on new responsibilities and mature after this retrograde cycle. Saturn requires the zodiac signs to align with their values ​​in all areas of their lives. The transit of Saturn in this Air sign invites us to take responsibility for our freedoms, our ideals and to put them into practice in our social life. This astral configuration will help these signs to be aware and experience certain changes.


At the start of the week of June 6, Lions will experience many twists and turns. They live a turning point in their life with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Leos will learn news that will upset and shock them during this new Saturn cycle. They will have to learn to change their perspectives and reconsider their lives. But they should not jump to conclusions. They realize that they are not in control of their lives. Your desires are not in line with your values ​​and you will encounter some difficulties during this week of June 6th.


Many problems will affect Sagittarius during this week of June 6th. They will have a hard time achieving everything they planned because of unforeseen circumstances. During this period Sagittarius are advised not to make important decisions and to think carefully before acting. They will experience some shocks in their family sphere and learn to put things in perspective. This Saturn in Aquarius retrograde will allow you to make changes and transformations in your lives. Sagittarius will gain experience during this cycle and become the best version of themselves. They will make a lot of progress during this week of June 6th.


Capricorns will be turned upside down during this week of June 6th. They will go through many changes that will change their view of things. During this retrograde from Saturn to Aquarius, Capricorns will experience unexpected events that will give them some shocks and make them gain maturity. Your outlook on life will change perception and start a new important stage in your life. This period will end up being beneficial for this Earth sign, as he will learn to question himself and to take a step back in certain situations in his daily life. They may also experience separation from a friend or family member. This break will be necessary to provide solutions about certain behaviors of the people around you.

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