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3 zodiac signs will feel anguish at the end of the week, but they will be able to overcome it

The spirits rise as we approach the weekend because we know that it is time for a well-deserved rest, however, 3 signs of the zodiac will not think the same. The planetary movements that occur from this Thursday will affect you so much that they could make you feel distressed..

The main responsible for the emotional chaos will be the square of the Moon with Saturn, which will make us feel depressed and sad. This transit represents personal challenges, so any unusual circumstance will lead us to anguish.

The feeling of discomfort is what will reign this day and there will be constant dissatisfaction if we are in a situation where we did not want to be. Thus, we might want to escape reality and the present, explained YourTango.com in an article where he mentioned the signs that will be most affected, but will overcome it.

The memories of the past that he wanted to bury deep inside and thought he had forgotten will resurface to disturb him. These emotions cause him to show others a face that does not reflect the person he really is.

The square of the Moon with Saturn will make it more difficult to get out of the past making you feel distressed. The good news is that you will find new ways to overcome your fears.

It is common for Virgo to feel anxiety about past actions that they regret, although these episodes are usually quick and do not represent a major problem. However, now it will be more difficult for her and she could feel that anguish deeply.

The memory of a past love that hurt your heart could come and whose wound has not fully healed. Having friends close these days will be a balm that will remind you that that person is only part of the past and not of the present or future.

The feeling of guilt is what will be bothering Capricorn because he will realize that he dealt a serious blow to someone from his past. This negative emotion will be channeled into her current relationship and could be very condescending just to avoid not being the one to cause the hurt again.

However, this behavior could backfire as they could take your measure. This sign knows that it wants good things, and it will have to face the old ghosts to wake up from this emotional lethargy.

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