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3 zodiac signs will face a difficult week from April 17 to 22

The week from April 17 to 22 will be one of the ones with the most planetary movements in the year highlighting the solar eclipse in Aries, Mercury retrograde and the start of the Taurus season. These events, although they will affect all the signs, will be difficult for some to bear.

The cosmic party itself will begin on April 20 with the first solar eclipse of the year representing a second new moon in Aries, its energies us push inevitably towards a new beginning.

Taurus season will officially kick off on the 21st and, at the same time, Mercury will turn retrograde in this sign. Chaos and drama are guaranteed for these zodiac signs.

This week Gemini will have the feeling of going back in time. The Taurus season, the solar eclipse and Mercury retrograde will take you to relive old times, indicated the YourTango.com horoscope.

It is possible that a love from the past will interfere when you least expect it, or conflicts that you thought were over will once again be haunting your head. Either way, his emotions will make him feel like it’s all personal.

Your sign will be more hostile and angry during the first half of the week, so it could overreact to situations that do not require more than a little attention, patience and reflection, that is, it could take things the wrong way.

The astral movements of the week will alter your judgment and you could have a wrong vision of things. The horoscope predicts that any slightly difficult situation will exceed the limits of your patience.

During this week your sign will want to be alone, they will feel that communication with other people is not as expected, which could bother them and lead to misunderstandings.

You will feel that everyone is against you and that nobody understands you as a result of the energy of Mercury retrograde, so you will decide to isolate yourself and reject any social invitation.

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