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3 zodiac signs will be lucky in love this week

The romantic life of 3 zodiac signs will improve over the course of this week thanks to the astrological weather that is expected from July 11 to 17, 2022, which will be starred by the full supermoon in Capricorn this Wednesday.

Leo, Libra and Scorpio are the signs with lucky prognosis in loveAlthough they will experience arguments with their partner or face some setbacks if they are single, they will understand the situation and learn the lesson, later, they will find what they are looking for.

The Moon will make a sextile with the transit of Pluto, then it will be in opposition to Venus and will reach its highest point when it becomes a supermoon, detailed in an article.

These astrological aspects inspire the desire for discussion, however, also are associated with growth and opportunities, so once the storm passes, calm will come and the couple will be stronger. Now she knows why Leo, Libra and Scorpio are the luckiest of all of the above.

The sign of those born from July 21 to August 21 will start arguments with the partner or the person with whom they are in love, however, adversity will bring out the best in both of you and you’ll go from anger to laughter in a matter of minutes. The stars will make the differences strengthen them, and it is that both will accept their responsibilities.

It is not a sign that likes discussions, in fact, before fighting, they prefer to agree or walk away to avoid tension. Those born from September 23 to October 22 prosper in harmony, however, the astrological climate of this week predicts that they will enter into an argument and could even separate, but that It will serve both to realize the great love that exists in the relationship.

The sign of those born from October 23 to November 22 will feel an intense energy that will give them the power to start great discussions. Scorpio does not want what he should do to be imposed on him in the relationship and he will set certain limits. His partner will not like this new attitude, however, the scorpion will realize that he loves her strong character and their relationship will enter a more advanced stage.

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