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3 Zodiac Signs Never Happy: They’re Eternally Dissatisfied

In philosophy, happiness is defined as a state of complete satisfaction. That being the case, who can complain of being dissatisfied when they have satisfied their deepest desires? Discover the 3 zodiac signs that are unhappy with everything.

Would man be eternally dissatisfied? Anyway, astrologers believe that for certain zodiac signs, absolute satisfaction is just a chimera.

These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Unhappy With Everything

Some people don’t know how to appreciate happiness when it comes and tend to complain and want more. The stars have designated three signs that appear to be the most dissatisfied and bad-tempered with whom communication is difficult .

1. Taurus

If in your entourage there is a bull, you certainly must not be a stranger to this statement. Taurus is hard to please. Grumpy by nature, with Taurus, old habits die hard.

If you were raised by a Taurus mother, you must have suffered from her eternal dissatisfaction. If, moreover, you are not very demanding with yourself, there have certainly been disagreements over your lack of discipline, cleanliness, rigor… She wants the house to be maintained in a certain way and not another, that her clothes are folded as she wishes. and that everything is perfect around you.

Difficult to communicate with such a stubborn and stubborn person . This is how Taurus reacts when their world goes wrong. Your life will be perfect or it won’t be!

2. Virgo

A perfectionist, the native of the sign of Virgo is the very archetype of the eternal dissatisfied. Hard on himself, this sign seeks an ideal in everything he undertakes and demands it from his peers. If a project displeases her for not being perfect, Virgo is capable of ruining it and starting all over again.

3. Capricorn

Capricorn is stubborn, demanding, difficult to satisfy, of course. But if you manage to break through your shell, you will discover a loving and devoted person.

Capricorn often feels misunderstood. He seeks, like everyone else, happiness. But this happiness is often subject to very specific criteria. In their quest for perfection, Capricorn can sometimes hurt those around them. .

To make Capricorn happy, you’ll have to make success your priority. Capricorn has a strong work ethic and likes to see the same values ​​in others. And remember that success is planned. Capricorn likes to plan everything and leaves no room for improvisations and doubts in his life.

Is that you? Would you say that you are eternally dissatisfied or, on the contrary, can you be satisfied with what life gives you?

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