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3 ways to internationalize your business via e-commerce

How to bet on internationalization using e-commerce? Know the advantages and possible approaches.

A internationalization via e-commerce can be a good option to take your brand to new markets. The growth of e-commerce is indisputable and for companies, joining this business model is an opportunity that they should not overlook.

However, exporting via e-commerce requires much more than creating a website where products are offered for sale. There are rules, procedures and legal and technical requirements that it is important to know. But, before all that, it is necessary to study and define the best strategy.

There are three ways to carry out this internationalization approach via e-commerce:

  1. resort to sale across marketplaceslike Amazon and take advantage of its resources;
  2. Create your own online storemanaging the whole process or
  3. opt for one mixed solutionwith its own store and presence in electronic markets.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of the solutions, which depend not only on the chosen approach, but also on your type of business and even where you are in the internationalization process.

Choosing the best strategy to internationalize via e-commerce should therefore be made after analyzing the pros and cons, but also the market or type of consumer you want to reach.

Knowing the advantages of each option and knowing how to enter e-commerce is a process that becomes simpler when you have access to tools and specialists dedicated to the internationalization of national companies.

To learn about the main marketplaces and strategies for approaching internationalization via e-commerce, start by register at MY AICEP. Afterwards, you will have access to information, data and advice to make the best decisions.

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