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3 Types of Personality that exist according to the way you close your fist at the first

Every human being is uniqueyour skin, smell, hair color, DNA of course, but the physical is not the only thing that makes us special, even the way we move, walk or close our fist, says much more about you than you could imagine .

A simple gesture like closing your hand reveal hidden truths of your personality or how you behave as a couple. We all make fists, but how you do it shows more than you think.

How do you close your fist?

1- All fingers on the big toe

What people think of you: Everyone loves your enthusiasm and they love your creativity and intelligence. Others believe that you are prudent and intelligent and your life seems calm and harmonious.

Your true personality: You try not to hurt anyone, you have a free soul, but you are very calm. You love being with friends and faithful and honest people.

In love: You want to be relaxed in your relationship. You are a compassionate being and capable of lasting in a relationship as long as you do not hurt your partner. You move on from dramas and people and quickly forget.

2- The big toe on everyone

Tell me how you close your fist and I'll tell you what your personality hides 02

What people think of you: You are all charisma and talent, everyone wants to be your friend. You hold yourself in very high esteem and are attentive and flexible.

Your true personality: Often, you don’t do everything you’d like for fear of being hurt. You don’t like risk and have high expectations. You enjoy the company of people who love you.

In love: You don’t forgive easily and memories of the past torture you regularly. It is difficult for you to open your heart for fear of failure.

3- The big toe on the index

Tell me how you close your fist and I will tell you what your personality hides 03 1

What people think of you: You are an imaginative, intuitive, generous and friendly person. You have a great sense of humor so you are always surrounded by people. No wonder you are a bit impatient and pushy.

Your true personality: You are good, honest and a respectable good person. Many times people try to take advantage of your kindness, but you are quick to identify who wants to take advantage and who cares about you.

In love: Reserved in love, you are more focused on following your own dreams and hoping to find someone who really loves you.

Surprised at what your fist reveals about you?

share it with your friends so that they notice the fists on the first date!

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