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3 types of hair wear – and how to restore your hair’s health

Is your hair tired and worn? To overcome the problem, you first need to know the type of wear and tear your hair has suffered.

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There are three types of damage that can cause tired and worn hair: Thermal wear, mechanical wear and chemical wear. Knowing which of these your hair is suffering from is crucial to being able to restore your hair’s health.

Thermal wear

Thermally damaged hair means wear and tear caused by styling tools. This type of wear and tear is easy to spot: If your hair feels dry and your ends have visible split ends—and if some strands are shorter than others—there’s a good chance you have heat damage.

With split ends, unfortunately, there is only one thing to do: cut them off and make sure to take better care of your hair in the future, for example by using heat protection every time you style your hair.

Mechanical wear

Mechanical wear and tear is caused by everything from rough brushing to tight hairstyles. This type of wear also causes split ends, but the damage is more evenly distributed than with thermal wear – the entire hair is damaged, dull and frizzy, not only at the ends but also further up towards the roots.

Some things that you can do if your hair is affected by mechanical wear and tear is to invest in a microfiber towel and a silk pillowcase that does less damage to the hair than a regular pillowcase. Also avoid tight hairstyles that wear on the hair and try hair wraps and serums with moisturizing properties.

Chemical wear

Wear and tear caused by hair dye and other chemical products. Chemical wear makes the hair feel “stretchy” and rubbery. Invest in a wrap that contains protein to restore hair health.

This is how you repair different types of wear

Do you suspect that your hair may have suffered from several different types of damage, or are you unsure of the type of wear and tear your hair is suffering from?

Try using a treatment like Olaplex No.3 treatment and K18 Live-In Mask once a week – according to hair experts, they can repair all types of damage in depth. Even hair wraps and conditioners that have moisturizing properties or contain protein do wonders for your hair’s appearance and health.

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