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3 tips to keep your vegetarian New Year’s resolution

Have you promised to eat less meat this year, or even to completely switch to a vegetarian diet? Here are three tips to help you keep your vegetarian New Year’s resolution.

Useful, tasty and climate-smart – the advantages of a vegetarian diet are many. Therefore, more and more people are making the New Year’s resolution to become vegetarian, but sometimes a little help can be needed on the way.

Here is Hello Fresh’s culinary expert and head chef Nanna Elisabeth Vestergaard Kaldan’s best tips on how to keep your vegetarian New Year’s resolution all year round.

1. Renew the traditional recipes

The thought of learning a ton of new recipes can feel overwhelming, but according to Kaldan, this isn’t necessary when transitioning to a vegetarian diet. All you have to do is replace the meat with protein-rich, plant-based alternatives, such as lentils, chickpeas, tofu or beans.

“The minced meat in the tomato sauce and other stews can easily be replaced with grated vegetables, mushrooms or lentils. It is also fine to replace the meat with eggs or cheese in most dishes,” says Kaldan.

2. Plan the weekly menu in advance

Planning is key if you want to change your diet. Start dinner planning early and be inspired by recipes from cookbooks or online (here at Metro Mode, for example, you’ll find lots of delicious vegetarian and vegan recipes!).

“Simple dinners in a busy everyday life can be pizza with tomato sauce and mozzarella or daal with red lentils,” advises Kaldan.

3. Test new ingredients and ways of preparing the food

In a vegetarian diet, vegetables and beans, lentils and chickpeas are not accessories but instead have a central role – so experiment with their preparation!

“Vegetables can be seasoned, boiled, fried in oil or butter, grilled and much more,” says Kaldan. “Be inspired by food from different parts of the world and try, for example, a simple Greek salad with halloumi or noodle salad with soy dressing and crunchy vegetables.”

Eager to get started? Below you will find Kaldan’s recipe for crispy cauliflower with a lot of umami taste.

Source: Hello Fresh

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