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3 tips to avoid spoilers on the internet • ENTER.CO

When a movie that we’ve been waiting for months comes out in theaters and for some reason we can’t go to the premiere, avoiding spoilers becomes a difficult task. The same thing happens when the new season of a series comes out, people on social networks do not stop talking about it. But don’t worry, if you want to avoid spoilers, there are three effective solutions to block them on the internet.

However, you should keep in mind that you can control spoilers to a certain extent. For example, if you receive a spoiler via WhatsApp, there is nothing you can do but delete it in time. In exchange, you can block it for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Without further ado, we tell you.

Keywords on Twitter

Twitter is the social network where spoilers abound the most; Being a platform where more debates are generated, the world of entertainment is not left out of the conversation. In this case, what we can do is locate the keywords of the movie or series in question and block them.

You can do it from the browser of the computer or from the cell phone. On both devices you must go to the ‘more options’ tab located in the menu on the left side. Once you enter this section, access ‘settings and privacy’. Locate the ‘privacy and security’ section and there you look for the ‘silence and block’ option and you will find the ‘silenced words’ option.

When you are in this section, go to the bottom right on the ‘+’ button and all you have to do is write the words you want to block. You will be able to select how long you want to mute for and some other useful options. Remember to mute as many words as possible in accordance with the movie.

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Block YouTube spoilers

Although YouTube does not have an option similar to Twitter, Google Chrome has a suitable extension for it. It’s about Video Blocker, an extension that you can install from the catalog of browser extensions. When installing it you will see that it is quite intuitive. Go directly to the extension and there write the channels or keywords that you want to be blocked on your YouTube.

mute the internet completely

Clearly, browsers do not have a built-in function that allows you to block certain content, however, there are hundreds of extensions that will help you with this and thousands of other tasks. This time we are talking about Spoiler Protection 2.0, another extension that fulfills the same function. This extension will take care of muting the words you choose, blocking videos, and restricting videos and images. Although some argue that the extension is not perfect, I find it to be useful enough for this specific function.

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