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3 Things the famous Kim Kardashian never eats

The Kardashians have acquired a little more prominence on the international scene thanks to the series ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians‘, a reality show where each person in this family has a determining role.

The sisters are the ones that stand out the most, but Kim has been the center of attention after confessing what he does not like to eat.

What Kim Kardashian doesn’t like to eat

The famous have very strict diets to maintain their body since they live on their image and consider that they must be perfect. Kim isn’t the biggest champion of physical naturalness, but she does bring herself to the fore on the show.

In one of the chapters, she confessed what she really couldn’t even see in her fridge, but surprisingly for everyone, it was quite everyday things: mustard, blue cheese and cilantro.

The truth is that each of these foods has properties for our body, but Kayne West’s wife doesn’t seem to like that her meals incorporate some of these ingredients.

There are other celebrities who have also spoken out on this issue and have omitted pasta or chocolate from their diets. Drink lots of water and eat in very small portions They are two of the great secrets of the famous that are within our reach.

It is not easy to achieve a body to die for, and celebrities control their diet and sports too much. There is no exact formula to have curves of ten, but we know that Kim Kardashian does not use any of these three foods to maintain each part of her body. For something one starts!

What do you think that Kim Kardashian does not like these foods? Do you think that the diets of the celebrities are they too extreme?

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