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3 Things that make you gain weight every day and 3 quick tricks to have a flat stomach

More and more studies are coming to light that claim to have found the cause of the obesity.

But really it is not a single cause, but a whole set of tricks and marketing strategies for the benefit of large corporations. In addition to ourselves, who are also partly to blame.

Have you ever wondered why fat people don’t usually show up in old photos?

Take a look at these photos of Wall Street taken at the turn of the 20th century.

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What do you see strange? Exactly, you can hardly find an overweight person. With this I do not want to say that there were no people with obesity at that time, but I can affirm that the number was very small.

On the other hand, today if we walk through Wall Street, things change. Take a look at the following photos.



At the moment, 4 out of 10 people in the United States are obese. Almost 40% of adults and 19% of young people are obese, a staggering figure.

Below you can see the ranking of OECD countries with the highest rate of obesity. It should be said that the data has been collected up to the year 2015, so today the figures could vary.


What makes us fat?

The truth, being fat is not due to a bad habit, but to a set of these. This is known to almost everyone. You should avoid: eating in fast food restaurants, drinking soft drinks, any kind of appetizer that is not natural…

Now, many people think that light or zero-sugar products do not make you fat. These “zero” or “low calorie” products contain artificial sweeteners that impart an extremely sweet taste to drinks and foods.

If people see an ad for a soft drink that says it’s fat-free, people believe it. So many people choose to drink sweetened drinks without calories. Below I will try to explain why this is a serious mistake.

The sweet taste generates a positive responseIt’s something innate. Dip a child’s pacifier in chocolate and they will stop crying. It has been found that the more sweet taste, the more positive response. What does this mean?

That our language will always want more until it is saturated, practically like A drug. If we drink sweetened drinks thinking that this way we do not ingest calories, we are wrong, what we will cause is an increased need for sweet flavors.

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– It has been proven that some artificial sweeteners reach the hypothalamus, a region of the brain where there are neurons that detect blood glucose, partly responsible for the feeling of hunger. Also would affect the perception of how much has been eaten.

Light foods do not lose weight. In some cases, the caloric intake may be lower than that of the foods they imitate, but they make up for it with other components. Such as oils, fats, sugars etc…

How do we fix it?

Well, looking at how they lived before processed food arose. And it is that obesity has risen as sales of processed food have growncarbonated soft drinks, sweet and salty snacks, breakfast cereals and bars, candies, ice cream, sports and energy drinks, fruit and vegetable juices, spreads and sauces, among others.

effects that sugar has on our body and our brain 1525428522

These products are not designed to meet the nutritional needs of individuals. They are designed to be kept on the shelves for a long time and generate uncontrolled cravings for consumption that come to dominate the innate appetite control mechanisms and even the rational desire to stop eating.

More and more groups are emerging against processed food and obesity problems. This is all because people are waking up, and have realized that not everything they sell us is true.

Why don’t you try giving up soda for a month? I assure you that you will lose weight and your health will improve. Buy meat at a butcher shop, fruit and vegetables at the nearest greengrocer, so you can eat more food without your body accumulating more calories than it should.

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-Basic example: McDonald’s hamburger vs Homemade hamburger. McDonald’s hamburgers have between 244 and 870 calories, with a weight of 96 to 334 grams. On the other hand, a homemade hamburger, at most, would reach 350 calories.

Going back to the beginning, if you want to have a good state of health, try to lead a healthy and healthy life. Avoid all kinds of processed food, go for a walk, move.

It is not necessary to do a lot of exercise to lose weight, people who need 2 hours in the gym a day are due to the intake of a disproportionate amount of calories. If your body receives fewer calories, you will need to burn fewer, simple as that.

It is also said that not everything has been said on this matter, and there are numerous contradictory studies on this subject. Science is like that, we will need more time to know all the answers to these questions. Anyway, I hope it has helped you.

What did you think of this information? What do you think about obesity? Post your impressions in the comments section!

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