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3 Things that can happen to you when you don’t wash your bra

We all have certain customs that allow us to wash clothes as little as possible so they don’t spoil. However, this could be a mistake. The clothes get very dirty and could harm our body.

This is also the case with the underwear we wear, which are more sensitive than we think. we tend to be very careless with the hygiene of our brassomething that has terrible consequences.

3 Consequences that not washing your bra could have

1- Skin infections

Dirty clothes can cause skin irritations and end up creating infections due to bacteria and fungi.

2- Bad smell


The accumulated bacteria they make our bra smell bad and, therefore, the rest of our clothes smell bad.

3- Pimples on chest and back


When we don’t wash our bra, dirt accumulates, blocking the pores of our skin and causing pimples in our body. It could even lead to a severe acne breakout.

These are some of the consequences that the lack of hygiene in bras. If you want your bra to remain as it was on the first day and not affect your health, follow these tips:

Never wash it with hot water. Uses warm water.

Do not wear the same bra that you wear every day for sports.

try No have to put them in the dryer.

It is not necessary to wash it after each use.

Avoid damp places or hot.


Remember that hygiene is very important if you want your breasts and nipples to be healthy. Therefore, set an alarm to remember that you should wash your bras at least once a week. If you need it for the next day, hand wash it and let it dry overnight.

What do you think? Will you wash your bra more often? Tell us in the comments!

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