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3 simple tips – how to introduce mindfulness at work

How many times do you stop at work and take a moment for yourself and unwind? Not very often, right? However, it is so important, especially since our days are often filled with stress. Here are some simple tricks on how you can bring mindfulness into your everyday life.

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1. Choose an affirmation
Start the day by choosing an affirmation or a mantra that you can remind yourself of throughout the day. Use an app, an affirmation card deck, or come up with one yourself. Repeat your mantra to yourself several times throughout the day to remind yourself to focus and find peace throughout the day. An affirmation also makes you think about how you want your day to be.

2. Focus on your breathing
Make sure to take a few times during the day where you really focus on your breath. Your breathing can help you relax and reduce stress. Take a few deep breaths and focus all your attention on your inhalations and exhalations. Repeat until you feel calm.

3. Have a leisurely lunch
Take some time for yourself at lunch. A moment where you focus for yourself and unwind. Take a short walk or sit in a quiet place and leave room for your thoughts. 15 minutes is all you need to achieve mindfulness at lunch. It may be tempting to hang out with everything and everyone at lunch, but remember that you are the most important person in your life. By taking a break, you get energy that lasts the whole day and keeps you focused.

Source: Forbes

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