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3 simple steps to maximum glow

The secret to glowing skin lies in three simple steps. Below we guide you through how to create a skin full of luster and life in the simplest way!

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The foundation of luster lies in your skin care. However, you don’t have to use a hundred different steps and products, the key lies in finding the products that suit you best! Invest in thorough cleaning, exfoliation once a week and don’t neglect moisturizing products! Below we tell you how to proceed.

Be thorough with cleaning

Don’t be careless when it comes to that cleaning of your skin if you want to maximize your glow. Wash your face morning and night so that leftover products in your skin care routine can really do their job!

Lubricate properly

In order to achieve a glow, the skin needs to be properly hydrated. Beside night and day cream you can boost the skin with moisture using a serum or a facial oil. A trick is to apply the products according to consistency, from thin to thick. First serum, then oil and finally cream.

Peel the skin regularly

By peeling your face regularly, you remove dead skin cells while increasing cell renewal. Try your hand at mechanical peeling, exfoliation with grains, or chemical peeling which uses acids.

Products to bet on

BHA acid removes dead skin cells in the outermost skin layer and leads to both softer skin and more glow. It is oil-soluble and dissolves both sebum, dirt and grease and is therefore a real winner in combating oily skin and acne.

AHA acid is a mixture of several different acids that make the skin smoother and full of glow. It is water-soluble and is often used to counteract dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Serum penetrates deeper into the skin than day cream and night cream and has a higher concentration of active ingredients. It can have different properties but works to give an even skin tone, shine, strengthen the skin’s barrier and counteract premature aging.

One facial oil goes, just like one serum, also deeper into the skin and helps to add nutrition, moisture and shine. It also works against acne-prone skin as well as dry skin!

Since many brightening products contain acids, it is especially important to use them sunscreen for the face when you are outdoors.

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