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3 simple steps to a natural and fresh summer skin

The skin care routine during the winter and summer months looks a little different and in particular there are three things to think about this summer in order to achieve a natural look with a lovely glow along the highest points of the face. Read more about how to prep and shine.

Photo: Instagram @darjabarannik

1. Prepare

You cannot create the illusion of perfect skin unless the surface is smooth. Like a renovation project, you need to putty and correct unevenness before repainting. Start by adding an extra dose of moisture by investing in a really good serum, then follow with a primer, which fills in the fine lines and tightens the skin. Now you are ready to start painting!

2. Illusion

Cast a spell with your face! What are you most satisfied with? Highlight it using shading technique. Use a bronzing powder in shades darker than your own skin tone, apply with small circular movements like a third. Start under the jawbone, work your way out under the cheekbone and then finish the third at the temple and up towards the middle of the forehead. This slims the face and accentuates the cheekbones! Then, using a narrower brush, shade along the bridge of the nose and up under the eyebrow to create a narrower nose.

3. Luster

The next step is to add shine and make the shading look natural. Start by applying a light highlighter, along the highest points of the face – the cheekbones, under the eyebrow, in the middle of the bridge of the nose, just above the eyebrow and finish on the edge of the upper lip for a bigger lip. Fix the creamy highlighter with a powder highlighter to make the makeup last all day. Then follow with a bronzing highlighter on the areas you blurred out.

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