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3 Signs to detect diabetes and tricks to react in time

The diabetes It is a disease that affects more and more people. Most people think they know almost everything about this condition, but probably all they know is that it affects blood sugar.

However, there are many other symptoms, such as excessive thirst, blurred vision, and sores, that not everyone is aware of and are important to be aware of as well.

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3 Diabetes symptoms and how to treat them

1- Hearing problems

We tend to assimilate that the cause of our Hearing problems it’s aging. However, diabetes can also affect hearing and be the reason you continually have to turn up the volume on your TV.

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health revealed that hearing loss can be caused by prediabetes.

When blood sugar levels are higher than normal, they are associated with an increase in 30% chance of hearing impairment.

Researchers believe that the blood vessels and nerves in the ear are damaged by diabetes.

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2- Skin changes

Our skin ages as we get older, which is why we associate wrinkles and crow’s feet with the passage of time.

Nevertheless, skin problems such as dark spotsespecially when they appear on the back of the neck, elbows or knuckles, are a sign of having too high blood sugar levels.

The changes are due to a condition called acanthosis nigrican, and most of the time they are a consequence of diabetes. High blood sugar levels are related to the development of skin cells and melanin, therefore the skin in certain parts becomes more pigmented.

3- Constant itching

If you notice that there are certain parts of your body that constantly itch, it is probably a sign that you have diabetes.

Diabetes affects blood circulation, which causes skin dryness and itchiness. If moisturizing creams do not help relieve the itching, you should see a doctor.

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Sometimes when a disease is so common, we may think we know everything about it, but sometimes it’s not all that clear.

Did you know these unknown symptoms of diabetes? Tell us in the comments!

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