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3 signs of the zodiac will receive disturbing news from July 18 to 24

The week from July 18 to 24, 2022 will be more than intense for 3 zodiac signs, who could receive disturbing news as the following days go by. Despite the alarming forecast, they should not be discouraged, much less panic, and astrologers explain why.

The planetary movements that occur and affect them directly are not a bad omen, but they do will reveal some uncomfortable truths that could give you a hard time. According to StyleCaster.com, Mercury, the planet of communication, will be in opposition to Pluto, a star associated with awakenings, this Monday, which means that a well-kept secret could suddenly be revealed.

As a prelude to the Leo season that will start on July 22, Mercury will arrive in the territory of this bold zodiac sign on July 19activating the sense of self-confidence, but Pluto will exert a counterforce of compassion.

The cherry on the cake will be the retrograde transit of the asteroid Chiron, the healer of the zodiac, which means they will face their deepest vulnerabilities and insecurities. Far from wanting to eliminate the pain of past wounds, they must embrace it to begin healing.

This chaotic astrological weather will shake the deepest membranes of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn and according to astrologers’ predictions, here’s what to expect.

Taurus energy has an impact on the most important sectors of life.
Taurus will have to heal their inner emotions. Photo: Shutterstock

This week you could feel somewhat lonely despite being surrounded by friends or family. And it is that the stars are encouraging him to heal what is inside, so he will need time for himself. He will possibly be faced with realities that he has been putting off; The time has come to face them and put mental order to make room in his life.

Virgo sign.
Virgo will have an emotionally draining week. Photo: Shutterstock

The week promises social dramas. Your plans will meet resistance, which will be very tiring.. According to StyleCaster.com you will be more vulnerable to energy vampires, therefore your energy will be at the lower levels. It is a good time to rest and be brave to say “no” when necessary.

Capricorn will have a feeling of guilt. Photo: Shutterstock

An exhausting week is predicted because you will have the feeling of not being able to meet everyone’s expectations. It will be important to remember that you cannot be in control of everything, much less what other people feel. While it is something you think about in your moments of reflection, it will be clearer now than before. You will realize that the feeling of guilt does not correspond to reality, if you do your best and it is not enough for others it will be your problem.

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