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3 signs of the zodiac will experience the most challenging week of January 2023

The second week of January 2023 it will be challenging for 3 zodiac signs, because the expectations that they have projected for the following days could be unsuccessful. Despite the bleak picture, the positive note is that they will learn more about themselves and once they overcome it, they will move faster towards their goals.

What planetary transits will trigger this forecast? The week starts with the Moon square Uranus, causing creativity to not be at its best, and by January 12 Mars will turn direct which means that its hostile and powerful energy will begin to hit us, YourTango.com detailed in an article.

These movements, along with the Moon in opposition to Saturn and Jupiter, will provoke contradictory, insecure and confused thoughts in 3 zodiac signs, so the forecast showed that they will have the most challenging week of January. What are these signs and what should they expect?

The challenges at the beginning of the year are not something foreign to Cancer, a sign used to feeling the pressure in January, however, now More than acting, you will need to think and reflect. This will change once Mars turns direct on Thursday, so your energy will be restored.

If something goes wrong with your sign this week, they will tend to become pessimistic very quickly without even taking the time to analyze why things happened that way. will have no patience for failure, so you could feel irritated and agitated with other people. Your horoscope encourages you to try again and not let a setback discourage you.

It is possible that your intuition tells you that something good will happen this week, but it never happens. This is because you will be facing false starts, that is, expectations that are not associated with your actual goals. You’ll probably be feeling angry and irritated, so your best bet this week is to stay cocooned in the quiet of your home.

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