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3 signs of the zodiac will be persuasive to achieve their goals in 2023

With the December season, most have begun to think about their goals for next year, however the reality is that not everyone manages to fulfill their 2023 resolutions, but 3 signs of the zodiac will make use of one of their strongest abilities to achieve their goals: persuasion.

According to astrology, these signs have the magic in their personality to make others see things their way and they know how to use the song of the sirens to convince others to do what they want.

And it is that for astrologers like Rebecca Farrar persuasion may be a symptom built into our cosmic personality. This is how he explained it to Bustle in an article, where he explained that the signs with greater emotional intelligence and empathy are the ones that have the best chance of being persuasive.

He said that the water signs are the ones that are most in touch with their emotions so it is easy for them to know how others feel and use this aspect to their advantage, however, the air signs are more curious, intelligent and communicative, so they know how to use words more as a method of convincing.

With this astrological base, know which zodiac signs will use the power of persuasion to achieve their 2023 goals.

This sign is known for its charm and thanks to its empathy, it easily discovers people’s needs. If you work in areas associated with sales or law, you have the power to convince so that it will be easier for you to get others to act on your behalf, because in return, you will offer balance and harmony.

With an intimidating and intense personality, it’s not easy to say no to what Scorpio wants, and this sign knows it. They carefully observe what kind of people need something that they have and approach them convinced that they will comply with their demands. According to the astrologer Farrar, this attitude can often be seen as manipulation, however, the reality is that they are frank and authentic, so that in 2023 they will not hesitate to help those who cannot, but they will want something in return.

He is friendly, tolerant and empathetic. He will use his charisma to persuade, however, he must be careful not to use arguments that are too fantastic, because sometimes his innocence or tendency to be very dreamy can promise things that are not based on reality.

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